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It’s Saturday – spanko fans favorite day of the week!  If you are a spanko fan and haven’t visited Corbin’s Bend yet, what are you waiting for?   There are so many books to choose from, all by different authors with different styles, but all can read as a stand alone.

I’m sharing a snippet from my recent Corbin’s Bend release, Life’s Unexpected Gifts.  Hallie has been laying naked across the end of the bed, waiting for Troy to come deliver her first real spanking.   Enjoy!


“Take a deep breath, Hallie.” She hadn’t even realized she had been breathing shallow in her anticipation. The fact he noticed reassures her.

“Tell me what you’re feeling right now. How waiting here makes you feel.”

“Nervous, I guess. I don’t really know what to expect yet.”

“That’s understandable.  Do you want to know what I saw when I came in here?”

She whispers, “Yes.”

“I see the most beautiful woman in the world choosing to trust me by giving her body over to me. I don’t take this lightly, Hallie. I really do know that you’re doing this for us, aren’t you? To prove to both of us that we have what it takes to live in Corbin’s Bend?”

“We need to know.”

“Yes, we do. But there is time. Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I do have one more request though. We do get to have sex after funishments, right?”


Hallie and Troy

Hallie and Troy


Violence has been part of Hallie Boudreaux’s life for too long. Deciding all men are barbaric abusers, she’s once again on the run away from danger. Desperate to feel safe, if even for a few days, Hallie remembers the only time she had felt truly happy in the last seven years were the summers spent at her Aunt Gina and Uncle Adam’s. Taking a chance her aunt might take her in, Hallie points her dilapidated car towards Corbin’s Bend, praying she makes it there before her clunker takes its last gasp.

Troy Jackson can’t wait to surprise his sister on her 30th birthday. He’s recently moved back to Colorado to be closer to his only relative, Traci, a psychologist living in Corbin’s Bend. The surprise is on Troy when his normally conscientious sister runs amok on her big birthday proving that even intelligent, independent women still need the stern guidance of the men in their lives. Having grown up with loving parents who practiced the domestic discipline way of life, both Traci and Troy subscribe to the founding principles of the Corbin’s Bend community wholeheartedly.

Hallie’s family is thrilled to have her in Corbin’s Bend, but can Hallie come to terms with living in a community based on its endorsement of spanking, a practice Hallie sees as abuse. Can Traci’s counseling help her overcome her fear in order to accept her new life in Corbin’s Bend, or is it Traci’s brother who ultimately has the power to show Hallie that not all men are abusers?

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#WIP – A step closer to Having it All


So Wednesday used to be known as the Hump Day of the week, but no more. Welcome to Work In Progress or #WIP Wednesday. It’s the day you get to get a sneak peek into those juicy secret projects your favorite authors have been slaving away on. If you’ve been following my last few #WIP entries, you know I’ve been working hard to wrap up book three in the Passion Series, Having it All,  and I am happy to report that I have completed the draft and turned it over to my Blushing Editor to do her magic. I don’t have a release date yet, but it shouldn’t be too long now.

Last week I shared an excerpt from Markus and Brianna’s new dungeon. This week, we’ll return to take a peek at what Lukus and Tiffany are up to.  We join them as Lukus takes Tiffany to her first show at The Punishment Pit.  Keep in mind, this is an unedited excerpt and subject to change.


With each passing moment, Tiff gets more uncomfortable. In a clash of emotions, she feels both over and under dressed. She is just about to sit down in a nearby chair when Lukus pulls her forward, wrapping his arm around her waist to pull her close.

“Against my better judgment, I’m going to introduce you all to my sub and…” He stops ever so briefly to glance her way with a knowing smile before turning back to his Dom friends to finish his thought. “… and girlfriend. This is Tiffany O’Sullivan.”

Tiff’s brain tries to process his public use of the ‘g’ word, when her hand is scooped up and brought to the lips of a Dom who Lukus introduces as Master Grey. When their eyes meet, she can see both lust and humor swirling there. Tiff stumbles through the introduction. “Nice to meet you Master Grey. I guess you don’t get your name from your blue eyes.”

A round of hearty laughs startle her. Thankfully, Lukus is laughing too, although she has no clue what she said that was so funny. “Very nice to meet you, too, Tiffany. I guess I’ll forgive you for canceling Tuesday night’s poker game, Mitchell. If I had this tasty treat waiting for me, I’d skip poker too.”

From the floor below, Tiff hears the clearing of a throat and a quiet, “I heard that, you know.”

Master Grey has the decency to look guilty, and the men around him resume their hearty laugh, this time at his expense. “Get up here, woman.” he growls. His sub scrambles to her feet, and to Tiffany’s surprise, the woman has a twinkle in her eye, with a broad smile on her face.

She may be naked, but within the space of a few seconds the attractive plus-sized woman standing before them transforms from unseen submissive to confident equal. As if it were rehearsed, Master Grey leans down to grab up a skimpy robe thrown over the back of their couch and places it around her shoulders.

Once covered, the woman reaches her hand out to Tiffany. “It’s so great to meet you, Tiffany. When Grey told me why his normal poker game was canceled, I almost didn’t believe him. My name is Violet, by the way. I’m Grey’s ball and chain, as he likes to call me.”

Despite the dim club lighting, Tiff can see her eyes are the most beautiful shade of lavender she’s ever seen. “It’s so nice to meet you too, Violet. I see you come by your name naturally.”

“Well, my mother actually named me Harriet, can you believe that? Somewhere around the fourth grade I got sick of being called Harry at school and wouldn’t answer to anything other than Violet. It eventually stuck.”

Grey is pulling his wife close as he shares with the group. “It’s still one of my most effective punishments for her. Naughty girls get called Harriet in our house.”

“That’s why I’m such an angel.” Tiff can see the humor in her eyes and she feels a growing kindred spirit with her new friend.

Master Grey let’s out a snort. “Really? That’s why you’re only one count away from the heavy paddle? Take a look around you, sugar. You know the rules. You’d better watch that tone while we’re here at the club.”

Violet seems to be blossoming rather than wilting under her Dom’s power assertion. “Yes, sir.”

Tiffany is fascinated watching the couple’s power dynamics at play. While all the other subs remain at their Master’s feet, this couple stands out. There’s something familiar about them. Glancing sideways at Lukus, she sees he’s watching her carefully. He leans in to whisper against her ear. “Not all of the subs here are 24×7, baby.”

That’s when it hits her. He arranged this. As he goes on to introduce her to the other Doms in their small cluster of the audience pit, she realizes these are not just members. These are men he spends time with outside of the club – playing poker, golfing, playing basketball. These are Lukus’ circle of friends.

‘Holy shit. He’s introducing me to his friends. Introducing me as his girlfriend, not just his sub.’

Tiffany’s heart soars.

The house lights flicker, indicating the show is about to begin. Violet quickly leans close to whisper into Tiffany’s ear. “I think it’s awesome you are ‘rocking Lukus’ world’ as Grey calls it. I’ve known Master Lukus for a couple years now, and I’ve gone through the transition you are going through. Give me a call if you want to have coffee some time. I’d be happy to help you through if you find you have questions you don’t want to take to Lukus.”

“Wow, you’d do that?”

“Hell yes. There aren’t very many of us here at The Pit. We need to stick together and help each other.”


“Yeah. You know. Strong subs. Professional women who are leaders or managers all day long, but who want to turn over control when we get home.”

“How do you know that fits me?”

“Oh honey, only a strong woman could take Lukus on the way you have. I heard about your first visit to the club tonight. The fact that you’re still alive, standing here dressed, wearing his collar, and aren’t cowering from him speaks volumes.”


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#SatSpanks – What’s a brother to do when his level headed sister runs amok?

Saturday Spankings-Christmas Hat

Happy Saturday, fellow #SatSpanks fans!  I’m sharing another excerpt from my recent Corbin’s Bend story, Life’s Unexpected Gifts.   The following snippet is from early in the book when Troy tries to help his sister get back on track after some dangerous decisions.  It sets up the scene for our main characters to meet.


His sister looks up at him, a strange emotion in her eyes. “I know I’ve never given you a spanking before, Trace, but you and I both know your behavior has been over the top. You wouldn’t sit for a week if Dad were here.”

That pried a small smile from her before her eyes cloud over with tears again. “I know I deserve it, but please, Troy… not the brush.”

“Yes, Trace. The brush. Go freshen up, and be back here within fifteen minutes. Don’t keep me waiting.” Troy’s confidence in his decision is solidifying her fate.

He suspects she wants to change her mind, but to her credit, she answers with a quiet, “Yes, sir.”


Did you hear that Traci is going to get her own story in season three? Psychology of Submission will be released in late spring.   If you haven’t read Hallie and Troy’s story yet, I’d love it if you’d give it a read.   Pick it up here.

Hallie and Troy

Hallie and Troy

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#WIP – Getting Ready to Have it All


I love #WIP Wednesdays!  I’m hoping Wanting it All fans love it too.  I’m gonna be sharing some juicy unedited excerpts for the upcoming release of Having it All, book three in the Passion Series.  In case you haven’t read it yet, the series follows two couples.  Last week I shared a scene with Lukus and Tiffany.  This week, I’ll give you a peek at what Markus and Brianna have been up to.   WARNING:  This excerpt is NSFW!!



“Oh God. That’s it!” Brianna’s lost track of time as she’s tied immobile to their new spanking bench. She’s on the receiving end of a fiery paddling from her loving husband. The punishing strokes, delivered with Markus’ old fraternity paddle, have been varied in pace and strength. Markus plays her body like a musical instrument.  He takes Brianna to high highs, ready to spill into a powerful orgasm, before bringing her back down again, forcing her to wait for the elusive peak she’s been chasing.

Markus is careful to remind her tonight is not about punishment. In fact, she’s been an exceptionally good girl this week. Even in her sex hazed mental state, Brianna recognizes how lucky she is her husband is experienced in the BDSM lifestyle. He may have been slow to recognize her desperate need for his strict physical discipline, but he’s making up for lost time.

They’ve spent every evening this week trying out the array of sexual wonders their new dungeon holds. Every night, Brianna leaves the room snuggled in Markus’ arms as he carries her naked, back to their bedroom – her body properly punished and sated, her mind at peace, her heart more in love with her husband than the night before. She has never been happier.


His next strike brings her back to the present. Her groan betrays how close she is to coming. She pushes the urge down.

“Brianna. You’re fighting it. You’re not ready for it to end yet, my little pain slut?”

How could he know? No verbal answer is required. She couldn’t form words if she had to. The pain is all consuming. The flaming burn across her entire ass and upper thighs has a direct line to her sexual core. Her breath is shallow as she struggles to stave off her orgasm as long as possible. It gets harder when Markus cups her left breast in his large hand, squeezing it painfully tight before pinching her nipple with what feels like all his strength just as his right hand brings the heavy paddle down, perfectly centered on the sensitive sit spot of both legs.

That was the one. The strike that pushes her over the edge of the cliff, free falling into the kind of orgasm she can only achieve through pain. The kind of release so addictive, she’d been stupid enough to risk her marriage in search of it weeks before. As she gasps for her breath, Bri realizes how lucky she is to have her husband delivering her drug of choice.

When she feels his steel-hard cock pierce her dripping pussy in one powerful insertion, she’s reminded that Markus is getting something out of this arrangement, too. They’ve never had better sex than these last few weeks. Gone is the gentle lovemaking she’d grown impatient with. She hopes it will return in small doses at some time in the future, but for now, Bri is more than happy to have her husband fuck her with abandon after their nightly exploration into pain and pleasure.


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A First Time for Everything – Including Spankings #SatSpanks

Saturday Spankings-Christmas Hat


So it’s a new year and one of my resolutions was to start participating in some of the wonderful weekly blog hops that I’ve been a long time fan of as a reader. Of course, that list includes the #SatSpanks blog.  My only complaint is the eight sentence restriction. Anyone who has read my work knows I write long, meaty books. Trying to pick just eight sentences is kind of like asking a mom to pick her favorite kid.

My snippet is from my recently released book, Life’s Unexpected Gifts, a Corbin’s Bend Season Two story. My heroine, Hallie, has been a victim of abuse in her past and is struggling to understand why anyone would consent to a spanking. Her new boyfriend, Troy, has come up with a creative way to introduce her to her first erotic spanking. We join them in progress.

Hallie is so close to coming that she shuts her eyes, about to lose herself in pleasure when she feels his right hand leave her ass before coming crashing down on her flesh… hard. Her eyes fly open to see the look of pure mischief in his chocolate brown eyes. She barely registers what’s happened when she feels the burn spreading through her ass cheek. It feels warm and not unpleasant.

He’s stopped completely, waiting for her to say something. Waiting for her consent to continue.

“Don’t stop! Again!”

With relief, Troy pulls her up again to resume their pounding coupling. This time Hallie watches his eyes carefully and can see when he’s decided to land his next spank.

Wow, that was short. The next paragraph was downright steamy! Too bad I had to cut it off there. 🙂 You might need to buy a copy here if you want more.

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Hallie and Troy

Hallie and Troy

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