S=Sex Slaves of Sabrenth #SpankA2Z #NSFW


Welcome back to the Spanking A to Z Blog challenge.  If you are just visiting me for the first time, you have some reading to do!  My challenge this month is to write an erotic short story for each letter of the alphabet where the trick is to include one word that starts with the letter of the day.   I’ve had so much fun playing with sub-genres that I have never written in before like historical, cowboys, femdom/revenge and today’s is my second story tipping my toe into sci-fi.

A huge shout out of thanks to Sophie Kisker who drew the short straw on editing today.  I must say that I have the best author friends ever as  so many of my close circle has helped me this month.  I love what a close knit community we have.

CONTENT WARNING: I’m giving fair warning that today’s S story is the edgiest I’ve done (IMHO) with several non-con scenes.  If you think that might upset you, you might want to skip today’s story.

S is for Sex Slaves of Sabrenth

Storm sat at the glowing bar trying to blend in with the natives of the Stargate outpost.   He worked hard at ignoring his brother, Stone, who was sitting at a small table at the back of the same saloon. Unfortunately, trying to avoid drawing attention that there were two men present who looked so much alike meant he had no where to look but at the suffering sex slave prominently displayed on the obligatory slave stage found in every public place from here all the way to Sabrenth.

Not for the first time he cursed saying yes to this job. As the most successful search and rescue hunters in the Stargate System, the Sebastian brothers had more than enough work and employees that they had their pick of jobs to actively pursue and rarely did they work in this region any more.

Years ago, they’d spent a year being steeped in the sadistic sexual obsession of Sabrenth.   It had been a simple rite of passage for young men to spend time sewing their wild oats on the most hedonistic planet of the solar system. As young alpha men fresh out of university, they’d been seduced into accepting that it was normal to own a sexual submissive or even slave, who was never more than a few feet from them when in public.

Storm would never forget his first hour on Sabrenth as a twenty-two year old man. As was customary, a willing sex slave greeted every arriving alpha as they exited the space ship into the sky station. Before even collecting their suitcases, the brothers had joined the line of dominant men and women who’d freed their cock or pussy and were sucked to an orgasm by a welcoming sex worker.

He’d been warned and even looked forward to his Sabrenth welcome committee. What he hadn’t been expecting were the platforms, cages, whipping posts, and old-fashioned pillories in literally every pocket of the sadistic society.   Sexual slaves, the lowest class in the Sabrenth society, were prominently displayed for passing patrons visual enjoyment or sexual use should the urge to fuck or punish strike. Public slave stations were as plentiful as public washrooms.

While most slaves accepted their place in the unique society with grace and even a sense of purpose, the worst part for Storm had been the unwilling slaves who had been forced into the way of life, screaming to be freed.

Even now, years later, Storm would often wake from nightmares of the dozens of whippings and rapes he had witnessed in the year they’d lived on Sabrenth.   That he remembered was shitty enough. What he hated the most was that he always woke hard as stone, desperate to fuck someone.

The screaming of the saloon’s slave of the day brought him back to the present. He hated to admit that the show the dominating alpha was putting on with the slip of a woman on stage was sexy as hell. He’d strung her up by several ropes in an artful way that left her every body part suspended, open and available for servicing. The alpha had a heavy flogger and was in the process of striking every part of her body with the exception of her neck and face.   He already had his mammoth cock released from his pants, making sure the submissive saw exactly what he was planning on shoving inside her soon.   Storm was relieved to see the slave’s lustful anticipation indicating she was at least a willing participant to the show.

The beep of an incoming message drew his attention to his personal communication device (PCD).   It was a message from the reason he was here. Senator Skylar was desperate for word of his kidnapped daughter, Sabrina. The powerful politician had made many enemies and one of those enemies thought sending the senator’s only daughter to Sabrenth as an unwilling sex slave might be a way to get the senator’s attention.

They sure were right.

This outpost was the entry point into the Sabrenth system. It was also the central hub of the sex trade business, hosting humiliating daily sex slave auctions specializing in the most prized of all sex slaves – the captured, stolen and unwilling. The marketing campaign for the biggest traders promised ‘hours of sexual fun spent punishing and training the unwilling to obey.’

Storm typed a message back to the client, not wanting to speak for fear he’d be overheard. They were still in the surveillance phase of this operation and didn’t want a satellite spy to pick up on their true rescue mission.

Finally, the announcement he’d been silently waiting for squawked through the loud speakers spread throughout the outpost.

“Alphas and betas, the time is near for today’s slave auction to begin. You won’t want to miss the special treat we have for you today. We have a fresh crop of reluctant submissives from Earth who are in severe need of sexual training.   I don’t need to tell you how rare it is to have six wild captives up on the block at the same time. We’ll be splitting the lot into two, offering one set today and the other tomorrow.   Bring a sizable wallet because we’ve flown in top sex trainers from Sabrenth who’ll be looking to snap up these scrumptious beauties.”

Storm’s PCD lit up with a short message from his brother. “Fucking hell, they have six women. We should have brought a whole squad with us.”

Storm typed back, “Settle down and focus on our simple task. Save Sabrina Skylar… period.”

“I’m not leaving innocent women here to be sexually showcased every day for the rest of what will be their short lives.” Stone’s message wasn’t a surprise to Storm. His brother had been more severely scarred by his memories of the violence they witnessed in their time here.   It was the main reason Storm should have told the senator they wouldn’t take the job.

He typed his message back to Stone. “Let’s see how things play out. If we can save them all, we will, but our primary focus is to stop Sabrina from being shuttled off with some asshole who will screw her raw.”

The overhead speakers continued with the announcement. “Due to the expected size of the turnout, we are moving today’s event to the Sex Shack. Please make your way to the stadium now and be sure to sign up for a number if you plan on bidding on a slave.”

Storm cursed their shitty luck. The normal location for the auction was a small shed-like building with minimal security. The change in venue meant not only they would be bidding against many deep pockets, but any attempt at rescuing Sabrina or the other women from Earth with anything short of an out-right purchase would fail as the sheer volume of armed guards and sadistic witnesses would never allow for them to sneak away.

As the brothers separately made their way across the few blocks to the stadium, Storm sent another message to the senator, securing his promise to pay any amount of money to save his daughter from the hellish sentence sexual ownership on Sabrenth would bring.

Storm paid for his bidding paddle and took a seat in the front section closest to the mammoth stage. His brother set up a post at the main exit and the six other bounty hunters they’d brought with them on the mission took strategic posts throughout the space.

Two hours later, the Sex Shack Stadium was bursting at the seams with every member of the outpost’s sadistic society who were treating today’s auction like a national holiday. Roaming vendors sold snacks not unlike at an athletic event at home, only here the main attraction would be witnessing unwilling sex slaves suffering instead of cheering for overpaid sports legends scrambling after a ball.

Storm had attended one main event years before so he wasn’t surprised to see the pre-show entertainment being dragged out to center stage.   They spent the next hour watching a dozen owned slaves who had recently disappointed their master being spanked, paddled, switched and finally sodomized while the crowd cheered their misfortune.

Couples having sex surrounded Storm. It took all of his self-control to pass on the pretty little sex slave crawling around offering blowjobs.   He reminded himself that this society had dissolved into a base, sexual cesspool. The problem was, as hard as he tried to stay above it, the sights and sounds surrounding him always seeped in, infecting him with the seductive pull of hedonism. It would be so easy to succumb to the desire to dominate pumping through his system as his cock strained to spring out of his now tight pants.

No one was more ready for the actual auction to begin than Storm. The promoters had gone all out with snazzy lighting and special effects as they announced the famous auctioneer who ran all of the biggest slave auctions. He was the people’s favorite, which meant the slaves suffered greatly.

He started with selling off several captured aliens from another star system. They were dragged naked to the center stage, their silvery skin shining in the stage lights, casting off an eerie hue.   Storm was not familiar with the species, but suspected they would sell well because the females had huge breasts and the single male slave had a huge appendage poking proud from his body, wrapped at the base with a scrap of fabric to ensure his impressive girth would attract buyers.

The rowdy crowd snapped up the silvery slaves quickly so the auctioneer moved onto the next lot.   Storm suffered through several other attractions, each one more salacious than the last as he waited.

Finally, the specimen Storm was anxious to see was led in, her shackled legs and arms forcing her to move slowly.   Sabrina was announced as the main attraction of that day’s event.

His heart sank when he saw the condition Sabrina Skylar was in.   Her long sandy-blonde hair was tangled, pulled back into a ponytail he knew would be used to subdue her.   He was close enough to see her squinting in the bright stage lights shining like a spotlight on her naked skin. An unexpected anger stirred deep inside at the sight of the dozens of deep cane stripes already seared into her buttocks and sit-spots.   Sabrina was so thin; it looked like they’d been starving her to death since she was captured the week before.

The part of the scene that haunted him the most was the sheer terror shining in her scared eyes. Sabrina made the mistake of searching the crowd and as she saw the volume of spectators there to witness her humiliation, her legs gave way under her. The two huge slave shepherds, as the slave handlers were called, caught her and held her up to steady her as the auctioneer read from her sell sheet.

“Alphas and betas, I present to you a prized slave, captured from the planet Earth and brought here to pay amends for her father, Senator Skylar. Sabrina Skylar is a spoiled little rich girl, who, like her father, strives to shut down our sexual way of life.” He paused for effect, allowing the stadium to erupt in jeers and boos before continuing. “As you know, the leaders of Earth have petitioned the intergalactic council to impose oppressive sanctions against Sabrenth and all its outposts. Our leader has issued a sanction of his own, and it starts with enslaving Sabrina Skylar for a period of no less than six years where she will serve as a sexual slave, living by the same rules and disciplinary consequences as our lowest class slave.”

Six years his ass. Sabrina would be dead in six months if he didn’t get her out of here. She’d just been painted as public enemy number one.   A fierce desire to protect her swamped him, almost causing him to act rashly. He had to keep his wits about him if they were to successfully rescue the senator’s lovely daughter and still get out alive.

Like the previous high-stakes slaves, the auctioneer cued the video that filled the huge screen at the back of the stage. Fury coursed through Storm’s veins as he was forced to sit through the recording of Sabrina’s humiliating and painful medical examination they’d been kind enough to record upon her arrival.  She’d screamed as she’d been strapped wide into the stirrups and subjected to several rounds of tests.

Sure enough, they’d injected her with the drugs given to all sex slaves meant to keep them horny and ready to serve at a moment’s notice. Based on the way she was fidgeting by rubbing her legs together, he suspected she was already in physical pain if they hadn’t allowed her to spend by now.   He felt like a leech as his cock twitched in his pants at the thought of easing her sexual pain.

The medical exam video finally ended, and the moment of suspense had arrived. The bidding started out twice as high as the previous slaves had been sold at.   A fast flurry of bids swept through the large stadium, raising the price for Sabrina to the highest price ever placed for a non-consensual slave.

The auctioneer stopped to congratulate himself several times, making sport of how much money he was personally making by subjecting the young woman before him to her ordeal. It took all of Storm’s willpower to stop from stomping up on the stage and just scooping her into his arms as the auctioneer ridiculed poor Sabrina for being so wet from her sexual excitement that he could smell her arousal from several feet away. Storm knew the bastard was just doing his job to swindle the bidders out of the most money possible, but it didn’t stop him from wanting to slay the guy where he stood.

Finally, the bidding slowed as only two wealthy looking men duked it out. One of the men looked like a sheik from Earth, looking to add Sabrina to his harem of sexual slaves.

As the auctioneer called out the last call, Storm finally moved into action. He had remained silent until then, but suddenly stood, raising his numbered paddle and shouted out his winning bid which was twice as high as the sheik’s final bid.   Screams of surprise could be heard throughout the stadium as the sheik and his armed guards also stood, preparing to confront Storm.   Two of his own men rushed the stage to take up a protective post beside him as he pushed past the other bidders, taking the steps to the stage two at a time.

He approached the auctioneer first, ignoring Sabrina’s sobs. “It’s time to declare my bid the winner and allow me to secure my property.”

“Who do you think you are rushing the stage? Perhaps someone out there will outbid you.”

“That’s bullshit and you know it, sir.   You’ve managed to stir up the crowd and I’m worried my property is going to be damaged by the some unscrupulous bidder who won’t take their losing well.   Strike the gavel, and I’ll pay you and be on my way.”

Sure enough, Storm sensed others crowding up onto the stage. He was about to lose control of the situation if he didn’t take action.   He shoved his PCD into the hands of his associate. “Stay here and settle my account. I’m taking Sabrina back to the shuttle. Meet me there as soon as you can.”

Storm turned in time to see the slave shepherds shuffling Sabrina off the far side of the stage. He chased after them, delivering hearty swings with his fists until they fell to the stage floor. He wasted no time in freeing her from her shackles before sweeping her into his strong arms and tucking in behind his other associate who pushed through the chaotic crowd towards the exit. He looked up to see Stone had cleared a path and as soon as they were out into the open air, he knew they’d succeeded.

Only when he was strapped in the leather seat of their spaceship, Sabrina seated in his lap and snuggling against his chest as sobs wracked her too-thin body did Storm finally stop to assess the hostage.   She felt so fragile as she shivered in the cold air. He motioned for Stone to throw him a blanket.

“Shhh little one… everything is going to be okay now.”

“How can you say that? You just spent a fortune to make me your sex slave.”

Storm finally let himself smile and he could tell it soothed her. “No Sabrina, I just spent a fortune to free you. Your father hired my brother and me to save you. We’ll have you safely back on Earth by this time next week.”

Confusion slowly cleared as his words sank in. She relaxed into his arms as if the weight of the world had been lifted from her shoulders. They sat silently snuggling, each enjoying the relief of a successful mission.   It was several minutes later that he felt her hand slowly sliding from his chest, downward until she stopped to stroke his still hard erection through his pants.

Their eyes locked as she continued to slide her delicate fingers across his cock. “What are you doing, Sabrina?” His tone was scolding.

“Saying thank you.”

Storm moaned, in pain as desire to consume her surged through him. It would be so easy to seduce her, but knowing the sexual enhancement drugs still coursed through her veins, Storm wouldn’t be able to look himself in the mirror with self-respect if he surrendered to his desire.

“I’ll tell you what, sweetheart. We’re gonna get you some food and water. We’ll get you showered and let you sleep off the effects of the drugs they slipped into your system, and if after you’re detoxed, you still want to say thank you, I’ll be happy to oblige you. Until then, I think it’s time we separate.”

Sabrina’s eyes shone with a mix of gratitude and disappointment as he carried her to her cabin, setting the senator’s daughter on her feet before he moved to leave.   He was at her door when she shouted out to him her question. “Excuse me, but what’s your name and where are you going?”

He turned back to answer, “My name is Storm and I’m off to take the world’s longest cold shower.”


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R=Rock ‘n Roll Reunion #SpankA2Z #NSFW


Welcome back to the A to Z blog hop and my challenge to write an original free erotic short for each letter of the alphabet .  The catch is every single sentence must have a least one word in it that starts with that day’s letter.    Today we have a sweet romance.

A huge shout out to the wonderful Christine Hart for editing today’s short story.  I’d also like to wish any fathers reading today a very Happy Father’s Day.

R is for Rock ‘n Roll Reunion

Rachel sat alone at the round corner table while the rest of her tablemates tore up the dance floor. The beat of Gwen Stefani’s Rich Girl took her back ten years to their senior year in high school. Pictures displayed around the banquet hall reminded her of a better time.

Attending her ten-year class reunion brought back memories she had worked hard to repress.   If only she could return to that summer ten years before and rectify making the biggest mistake of her life. Instead, all she could do now was regret that, in retrospect, her senior year had ended up being both the best and worst year of her life.

The song ended and her redheaded best friend from high school, Ruby, returned to the table with her handsome husband in tow.   Their friends Randi and Rebecca followed with their own husbands. As much as Rachel hated sitting alone, being the only single at the table of happily married couples was worse.  She pushed down her resentment at how her own love life had turned out.

“Come on Rach, you can’t sit here and let the divorce ruin your night. Let’s get out there and dance, and get rowdy.”

Ruby meant well, but how could her friend know it wasn’t Rachel’s now ex-husband Rachel was wishing was sitting next to her tonight.   She’d give just about anything to have Rocky holding her as he had the night of their senior prom – the night he’d promised to love her forever.

“It’s okay, Ruby. I’m not in the mood to remain here and feel sorry for myself. I don’t mean to be rude, but I think I’m gonna call it a night and head back to my dad’s residence.”

Before she could escape, the one person she’d prayed wouldn’t come to the reunion stopped by their table to rub it in.

“Why Rachel Rasmussen, I never dreamed you’d show up alone. I thought your daddy married you off to one of his ultra-rich Republican friends. I saw that expose in the paper a few years ago of your big ‘ole mansion along the river. It looked almost big enough to be able to remove the regret of knowing you’d ditched Rocky just before his music career took off. Just think, if you’d remained with Rocky, you’d be even richer now than you are with your refined husband who looks old enough to be headed to a rest home soon.”

“Get lost, Rory. You’re as repugnant of a person as you were back in school. I’d hoped time might reduce your jealous outbursts, but I was wrong.” Rachel couldn’t hide her deep-seated reproach for a woman who had done all she could to steal Rocky, the hottest guy in their class, away from Rachel.

“What’s the matter, Rachel? Can’t you handle knowing what a remarkably huge mistake you made in choosing Mr. Respectable over Mr. Rock ‘n Roll himself?”

Rachel wanted to remind the bitch to mind her own business, but the truth of her rival’s words rang in her ears.

“Rory, glad to see you’re as revolting now as you were ten years ago. Take a fucking hike so I can relax and enjoy the reunion.”

Rachel couldn’t see him, but she’d recognize his voice anywhere. She’d watched every interview he’d done in the media over the years just to hear Rocky’s voice, remembering better times when the words he spoke were reserved for her alone.   Her heart rate rocketed at the possibility he was really here.

The group of friends gathered around all remained frozen for a few long seconds, unsure if they’d really heard their old friend’s voice.   Those who’d been standing turned, opening a gap big enough for Rachel to lock eyes with the only man she’d ever loved with all her heart.

The rest of the room disappeared for the star-crossed lovers who had been torn apart by Rachel’s father.

Her dad never thought a rowdy rock musician with long hair, earrings and rugged tattoos was good enough for his respectable daughter.   She’d been sent away to a private university in Rhode Island, kept where her father could regulate her every move until he’d relentlessly reprogrammed her to his way of thinking.   Only in recent years had Rachel been remembering how remarkable life had been before she’d been sent away, and those revelations had brought an end to her respectable marriage.

Rocky’s eyes raked over her possessively, exactly as he had ten years before.   The heat she saw reflected back at her resurrected a passion in her she’d thought was dead.

“Rocky.” She wasn’t sure he heard her over the raunchy rap song playing in the background.

“Rach.”   That one syllable was all she needed to know he still loved her… even after all the resented years apart. She heard the same reverent tone in his voice that she had in hers. It was a tone that could only be recreated when your heart had been ripped out of your chest by a broken romance.

“How… I mean you returned?   Aren’t you supposed to be on a stage in Rochester right now?”

“I recently canceled the show.” His eyes still bore into hers while they remained perfectly still.

“Why would you do something rash like that?”

For the first time, Rocky glanced up to grin at her old friend, Ruby. “I got an emergency message delivered this afternoon through my record label representative. Seems an old high school friend was desperate to reveal to me that a certain runaway girlfriend from my past would be attending tonight’s ten-year reunion alone, having recently divorced her no-good rich husband.” His eyes returned to Rachel’s.   “Needless to say, this revelation was of more importance to me than doing a routine show for thousands of fans.”

His remarks rocked her world. “That’s ridiculous, Rocky. It had to cost you a fortune to return here tonight.”

“You still haven’t recognized something very important about me, Rach. I don’t give a rat’s ass about the money – I never did. It was always about the music – the recognition was just nice because it provided me with enough money to do what I loved every day, which was make music.   In the end, it still wasn’t really enough though because the music isn’t the same without you there at rehearsal every night or riding in the back of the van on the way to our gigs.   God, Rachel, please tell me you’ll return to me where you belong?”

The entire small town reunion had screeched to a halt, the rap music had been replaced with an electric buzz of excitement. Their hometown hero had returned and everyone pressed in around them to watch the real-life drama play out.

Time stood still for Rachel as ten wasted years of her life fell away, returning her to their last night together. The romantic promises they’d made to each other after they’d made love in the back of Rocky’s beat-up Range Rover were resurrected in her heart. She blushed red as memories she’d repressed about how kinky Rocky had been rushed back. His smug grin assured her he remembered too.

Rachel moved in slow motion, never removing her gaze from Rocky’s intense stare, drawing her back to him like an invisible rope.

To everyone else in the room, Rocky was a rock star. To her, he was her rescuer, there to return her to his side where she belonged. He closed the last remaining feet between them, scooping her into his arms and ravaging her whole body – his roving hands rubbed her rump as his lips reclaimed her in a searing kiss.

The roaring clapping and shouting of the rowdy crowd pressing in around them finally had Rocky releasing her lips to look down on her reverently.

“I’m never letting you go ever again, Rachel. You’re mine and I should have responded differently ten years ago when your father sent you away. I thought maybe he was right, that you did deserve someone more respectable than me, but I was a fucking idiot.”

Rachel relaxed into his arms, finally home where she belonged. His next words whispered into her ear sent a rush of excitement directly through her entire body. “You remember how I like to deal with my naughty girl, don’t you Rach?” Her heart raced as he continued. “I have ten years of raunchy things to do to this irresistible body of yours, starting with a long, hard spanking over my knee until that luscious ass of yours is rosy red.”

“Oh God, Rocky. You haven’t been back five minutes and you’re up to your old routine. How do you know I want to return to your caveman ways?” The mischievous grin on her face had to give her real feelings away.

“Oh Rach, you can protest all you want, but you loved every risqué moment of your body bared and responsive. I remember more than once spanking you right up until it was time to ride you hard until you’d scream your release.”

She couldn’t resist running her hand down between their pressed bodies, rubbing his raging erection.

“It looks like your body is happy with our little reunion as well.”

“Let’s go home, Rachel.”


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Lukus’ Creative BDSM Contract #SatSpanks

Saturday Spankings-Val Heart Paddles-rev

Hello all you Saturday Spanking hoppers.  If you are looking for the Spanking A to Z hop, I’ll be posting my letter R on Sunday.  Here is a link to P is for The Pirate’s Prized Possession from yesterday.

Today I’m sharing a snippet from Having it All, book three in the Passion series.  Lukus, a very experienced Dom, has had problems getting Tiffany, his new girlfriend and submissive, to sit down and go through a contract.  He says it’s critical for him to understand what she is willing to try sexually, but Tiff complains it’s too formal and feels fake.   Always creative, Lukus has come up with a game for the two main couples (and best friends) to play where he’s made cards with sexual topics and they are each taking turns pulling cards and answering if they would 1) never try that – no way, no how  2) it sounds interesting and I’d like to know more or 3) Hell yes, when can we start.

We join our kinky quartet already in progress with Tiffany pulling out her next card.

HavingItAll2 640x480

Snippet from Having it All:

Tiffany pulls out one of the last cards and once again, she looks at it pensively. When she looks up, he sees absolute confusion in her eyes. “Do you know what your card is about?” he asks her. Her slight nod isn’t convincing. “You need me to explain something?” She shakes her head. “Read it, baby.”

She doesn’t make eye contact with anyone as she reads her card quietly. “‘Fetish: Age Play, diapers, bottles, pacifiers, naughty girl punishments.'”

A lengthy silence falls over the group while each waits for someone to say something. Lukus has to push her. “Tiffany. We’re waiting for your answer.”

She lingers, looking at the card in her lap. Finally, Brianna speaks up to support her friend. “It’s okay, Tiff. Tell him.”


Buy Having it All, Book Three in the Passion Series Now:  Amazon |  B & N | Blushing

Start the Series with Wanting it All, Book One – on sale now for only $.99


Lukus Mitchell is the owner of The Punishment Pit, Chicago’s top BDSM club. As the Master’s Master, he has enjoyed his freedom to play with a stable of subs over the years. He’s never contemplated settling down before, but is growing increasingly bored of the meek, pliant submissives who fail to challenge him.

Then he meets Tiffany O’Sullivan, a beautiful BDSM novice who has always yearned to explore her edgy dreams of submission, but whose sassy mouth always seems to land her in trouble.

Their attraction to each other is intense and immediate, but Tiffany challenges her new Dom like never before. They may start out at opposite ends of a BDSM tug-o-war, but can they meet somewhere in the middle—and if they do, can they both find happiness with the compromise?

Meanwhile, their best friends, Brianna and Markus Lambert, are still reconnecting after a recent event which almost ended their marriage. As awful as it was, it made them both realize not only how much they love each other, but also how important it is to share your darkest desires with your spouse.

Markus is more than willing to accommodate Brianna’s desire to be dominated in the bedroom, yet the couple has more than a few growing pains to work through as the dynamics of their marriage change from vanilla to D/s, with a sprinkle of DD.

Not content with almost having wrecked the Lamberts’ marriage and threatened Tiffany, Jake Davenport remains a threat in the two couples’ lives and relationships, and Lukus soon discovers that Brianna and Tiffany aren’t the only women Jake is targeting.

Can Tiffany find the strength to overcome her fears in order to let Lukus love her not only as a woman, but as his submissive?

Can Lukus deal with the way his new love challenges him at every turn, forcing him to confront fears he never even knew he had?

Can Markus and Lukus protect the women they love when Jake gets too close for comfort?

Find out in this, the third book in the Passion series. With the characters from previous books which readers have come to know and love, as well as introducing new ones, this is a fast-paced, intensely sexy, edgy and emotional story that combines humor, drama, friendship and romance in the way Livia Grant fans have come to expect, and new readers are sure to enjoy.


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P=The Pirate’s Prized Possession #SpankA2Z #NSFW


Welcome back to the Spanking A to Z blog hop and my challenge to write an original free erotic short for each letter of the alphabet. The catch is every single sentence must have at least one word in it that starts with that day’s letter.  Don’t miss the chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card. Check out the info at the end of the post.

P is for The Pirate’s Prized Possession

“Good people of The Phineas, I suggest you present yourself above deck, and pronto. My captain expects your full cooperation as we board and plunder your fine vessel.   We’d have you show yourself on the promenade at once, and no one need be injured.” The loud pronouncement burst from the paunchy pirate who had dared to board their ship.

Penelope found it hard to breath as she did her best to hold perfectly still in her hiding place.   She’d already earned a punishment from her protective father for secretly boarding one of his merchant ships sailing for the America’s without his knowledge. She hated that the pirates presently detaining them had proven her father had been right that the voyage was too dangerous for his only daughter.

Papa had left Penny behind in their peaceful London home as a precaution when he’d set sail for their plantation in the America’s the month before.   She’d protested being left behind like a child, and when the opportunity presented itself to pursue her father on another of his many merchant ships, she’d disguised herself and purchased a one-way passage.

The pounding of a pair of heavy boots came close to her hiding place tucked under a stairway.   She said a prayer that the pirates would quickly take their prize merchandise and leave the people aboard unharmed. The shouts of crewmen fighting to protect the ship could be heard in the distance.

She screamed when a large hand plunged into her hiding place, pulling her to her feet and dragging her into the open gangway.

“Looky what I found – a pretty little morsel. Captain promised we’d get to keep our first choice of loot. I’d planned on finding me some gold, but me thinks your prime little pussy might just be too tempting to pass up.”

Penny’s pulse pounded in her ears at the course language of the pirate. She prided herself on her worldly ways, having traveled with her only parent frequently as she was growing up, but she was alarmed at the ominous words from the seedy pirate presently mauling her body with his filthy hands.

“Unhand me at once, you pathetic piece of…” Penny didn’t get to finish her insult before she was flung over the shoulder of the paunchy sailor who smelled like putrid fish. She snapped her mouth closed and held her breath as long as she could to avoid his particular aroma.  Her palms pelted against his broad back as hard as possible, but proved to be a pathetic attempt at escape.

Once on deck, the sounds of the remaining pockets of resistance by the crew of The Phineas could be heard. Her captor plopped her down hard on her ass, and she found herself huddled next to several other paying passengers who’d been caught up in the theft at high sea.   She was suddenly grateful that she’d dressed plainly and revealed her true identity to no one on board. With luck, the pirates would never know the daughter of the rich and powerful Lord Pinkerton was among their hostages.

Eventually the last of the resistance died down after several pistols were produced. The crew and passengers had been rounded up on deck. The men who might pose a threat had been tied, while the half dozen women traveling aboard The Phineas huddled together.

Penny had hoped the loot onboard would distract her personal pirate, but he had volunteered to guard the prisoners so he could keep an eye on his prize… Penny. The sneer on his pockmarked face as he boldly leered at her made her uncomfortable.

It only took the pirates an hour to transfer her father’s precious cargo from The Phineas to their waiting ship, The Phantom.   Anger percolated up in her as she watched the merchandise her father had worked hard to procure be stolen by unscrupulous thieves.   It took all her self-control to hold her tongue as she listened to the pirates joking jovially as if they were at play.

Finally, they finished and shouted their victory while calling all of the men back to their now heavy-laden ship.   Penelope screamed when the pirate who’d staked his claim on her plucked her up by her hair and began pulling her behind him towards The Phantom.

“Let me go, you filthy pig! You and your friends plundered the ship of its wares. Now leave us in peace and be on your way.”

“Nay, you be coming with me, and I plan on doing my plundering of you.”

Penny fought him, but he was too strong.   He had already dragged her across the wide plank connecting the two anchored ships by the time she resorted to biting his meaty hand grasping her wrist in an attempt to flee.   Her captor released her long enough to backhand her hard across her cheek, propelling her through the air and straight into the arms of another pirate.

Pain burst across her face as she saw stars from the blow.   She felt her legs giving way under her as she fought the urge to purge the contents of her stomach as nausea consumed her. She’d have collapsed in a pile to the deck were it not for the strong arms holding her tightly. Even in her delirious state, she felt the powerful muscles of the hard body enveloping her.

The new pirate scooped her into his arms, and peered down at her with a look of concern in his piercing green eyes. A jolt of recognition pelted her just before she lost consciousness.   Everything was fading to black as she pondered why those eyes look so familiar.


Sir Patrick Landon, otherwise known to the crew of The Phantom as Captain, couldn’t believe his luck. What were the chances that Lord Pinkerton’s own daughter would literally fall into his arms?

As the bastard son of the Earl of Edinburgh, Patrick learned early in life that he’d have to make his own way.   While his father had discreetly provided for his mistress and illegitimate son, Patrick had never been truly accepted into the polite London ton with it’s frequent balls and other social events.

As he got older, the discrimination of the pompous people of London had spurred him to not only shun most social engagements when he was in town, but more importantly, their persecution drove him to his double life – plundering from the very rich who shunned him. He took great joy in his private revenge by targeting the richest and most powerful.

He’d done his homework on Lord Pinkerton, taking the time to meet him and his daughter, Penelope, at a recent ball. He’d been dreaming of the pretty debutant with the long dark hair and unique lavender eyes nightly ever since.   It was perverse luck that he now held the precise woman of his dreams in his arms.

“What is the meaning of capturing this petite hostage, Peterson?”

Patrick wanted to punch out the grotesque sailor who’d dared to raise a fist to the face of a pure woman like Penelope Pinkerton. When the pirate didn’t answer his probing question, Patrick got more aggressive. “I suggest you be more prompt with your reply or I’ll call for the master of arms and have you publicly flogged. For what purpose was this woman brought aboard The Phantom and more importantly, what made you think striking her face was proper?”

Peterson stammered his response, clearly intimated by the pirate captain. “Begging your pardon, cap’tin, but you yerself told us we got our pick of the prizes for payment. I saw this beauty and knew I wanted to poke my stick in her puss, if you know what I mean, sir.”

An instant urge to poke his own sharp sword through the paunchy gut of the man in front of him proved how off base Patrick was at the prospect of holding a passed out Penelope Pinkerton in his arms.

Patrick had to get rid of the sailor. “This woman is not available as a prize. I suggest you go to the hold where you can choose another prize. This one is off limits.”

“That’s not fair, cap’tain Patrick!”

“I decide what’s fair, now be gone to plunder elsewhere.”

For a few seconds, Patrick thought he might have to fight the older man until he finally slinked off to pout.

He took his hostage straight down to his cabin, locking the heavy wood door behind him just as he felt Penelope beginning to stir.

Conflicting emotions played through his heart and brain. Part of him wanted to protect her, even from himself and his crew. He was certain she was an innocent and the gentleman in him wanted to treat her like precious cargo.

The pirate part of him, however, couldn’t wait to bare her bottom and place his palm down hard until her arse was pink and hot as punishment for putting her life in danger by sailing unprotected.   It would be impossible to pass up the unique opportunity her presence presented.

When her violet eyes fluttered open, Patrick knew she recognized him just as he had her.

“Oh thank heavens you were here to protect me, Sir Landon!   I’ll be sure to advise my father of the service you provided me in my time of need.   How ever did you defeat the pirates who dared to rob from my father?”

Her lavender eyes shone with her gratitude. Patrick hated to ruin her favorable view of him so he went on defense.   “What is wrong with your father sending his only daughter alone and without protection across the Atlantic?   You could have been passed around to the crew and injured.”

Her petite hand flew to her swollen cheek.   “I was injured, but gratefully you prevented it from escalating.” He pinned her with his best dominant stare until she spilled the answer he’d been waiting for. “I’d appreciate it if you hold the details of today’s precarious events close to your chest, kind sir. My father is not aware of my whereabouts and I would very much like to avoid him finding out if possible.”

He poked for more information. “How is this possible? Your father was not aboard The Phineas?”

“No.” Her violet eyes began to peer into his own with a newfound skepticism.   “But you should have known that if you’d been on board, which you certainly were not as I did not see you even once above deck since we left port. That means….”

She was not only pretty, but intelligent too. He watched her piece together the truth. “Oh God, you’re a pirate!”

“Nay, Miss Pinkerton. I’m the pirate. Captain Patrick Landon at your service.   As captain of this vessel, I declare you under my protection. That means no harm will come to you without my express permission.”

When she moved to bite him as she had the other pirate, he completed his thought. “As a gentleman, however, it also means that it will fall to me to punish your bare bottom for defying your father and putting your life in danger for sneaking aboard The Phineas.   It’s the least I can do for your papa since he’s not here.”

“How dare you play at such a threat?” The adorable blush on her cheeks pushed him forward.

Patrick moved quickly to sit on the high-backed chair at his nearby desk as he pulled a screeching Penny unceremoniously across his lap.

“I think you’d better start praying, because I’m not playing. If I hadn’t been here, you’d be up on deck, striped bare and sullied for life. Be grateful I’m also a gentleman who will be satisfied with merely putting rosy red patches on your bare bottom.”

She wiggled like a wildcat to be free, but he easily over-powered her. Within a minute he had her subdued, her long locks dragging on the wood floor on one side and her pretty, slippered feet dangling on the other side. Patrick locked her legs down with his own right leg to ensure she couldn’t escape as he lifted the dark purple gown to expose her perfect, intimate clothes.   His cock stiffened, poking his captive as he pulled her panties down, giving him his first peek at her perfect ass.

She moaned with pleasure as he massaged her bottom, putting her at ease right up until his palm crashed down hard, marking her pale skin.   Her pitiful groans of embarrassment laced with pain stirred his cock to full mast.   The punishment continued hard and fast until Penny went limp over his lap in her submission. Her shouts turned to whimpers as her breathing became hitched as she struggled with the pain and humiliation of her discipline session.

Patrick didn’t stop until her bare bottom was hot to the touch. He pushed down the desire to run his digits through her private lady parts, yet he patted her bottom gently as she calmed.

He finally righted her, placing her tender naked flesh on the rough wool of his breeches.   Patrick pulled her close, enjoying the intimate embrace as she calmed.

“Now, young lady, how do you suppose I’m to return you to your proper station without being purposefully identified as a pirate?”

He wasn’t sure he liked the perfectly naughty smile creeping across Penelope’s face.   “I propose you keep me aboard your pirate ship, for if you return me to shore, I promise to identify you before nightfall and have you thrown into prison!”

Patrick weighed his options, taking into consideration the look of mischief in her beautiful eyes.   In the end, he had only one solution – placing her back over his knee to try to spank some sense into her.

Keeping Penelope aboard was what he called a win-win situation. He had a ship heavy with his plundered treasure and a beautiful woman he looked forward to persuading he wasn’t the bad guy.

Patrick wasn’t sure he would succeed, but he eagerly looked forward to the challenge.


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O=Oral Exams #SpankA2Z #NSFW


Welcome back to the Spanking A to Z blog hop and my challenge to write an original free erotic short for each letter of the alphabet. The catch is every single sentence must have at least one word in it that starts with that day’s letter.

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O is for Oral Exams

Olivia couldn’t believe her eyes. She needed an A on the English exam in order to keep her GPA up high enough to get into the orthodontist track. It was her family’s traditional occupation and her parents would be outraged if she failed to follow in their footsteps.

She’d studied hard over the weekend, and played a night owl before cramming for the written exam. Olivia was certain when she left the test that she’d aced her last obstacle before the quarter break, and yet the C+ shining back at her from the computer screen told her otherwise.

Olivia looked at her watch nervously to see it was almost four o’clock. Professor O’Keefe’s standing offer to administer an oral exam for students scoring poorly on the written exam was about to expire at the end of his office hours that afternoon.   She hesitated – she’d been a student at the University of Ontario a long time – long enough to know exactly what type of oral exams were offered in the office of the most handsome professor on campus.

If she was going to take him up on the opportunity to raise her grade, she needed to leave now.

The cold October wind flew up her short skirt as she stepped outside her off-campus apartment. She weighed her options on the way to the professor’s office, and by the time she was knocking on the thick wooden door, she was determined to provide whatever oral service was required to change her grade to an A.

“Ah, Miss Osborne, I wasn’t sure if you’d be joining me today or not. I must say, I was surprised you only scored a C on your last exam.   Am I to assume you’re here to take me up on the offer for an oral exam?”   He might be handsome, but the sly smile playing at his lips as he eyed up his twenty-one year old student creeped Olivia out.

She tried to put some distance between them as she replied. “Yes, Professor O’Keefe, I was hoping for a much better grade.”

“Well, you’re lucky I’m the kind of professor who believes in providing opportunities for students to opt-in to certain kinds of extra credit.”

Olivia wanted to point out that he was on the receiving end of some mighty nice benefits himself from the arrangement, but she opted to keep that opinion to herself.

She instead said the words he was waiting for. “Thank you for the opportunity, sir.”   He seemed pleased with Olivia’s over the top show of respect.

The professor ushered her into his rather opulent office, closing the door behind them. Based on rumors around campus, she wasn’t surprised to hear the click as he locked the door behind them to avoid an awkward intrusion.   Still, once she was locked alone with the unscrupulous professor, the warmth of the room became oppressive.

“Since this is your first time signing up for oral exams, Miss Osborne, I ought to make sure we both understand each other.   For example, I understand you want me to override your score to give you a better grade…”

She cut him off, “A MUCH better grade, Professor O’Keefe.”

The thin line of his lips showed his overt arrogance. “I’m only able to modify your original grade by so much with a simple oral exam, young lady.”

A familiar pressure to be perfect overwhelmed the young student, urging her to override the internal warning bells that were going off. Olivia wilted under the stern gaze of the authority figure standing between her and success.

She managed only a whisper, “Surely there has to be another option, sir.”

His stern response alarmed Olivia. “I’m disappointed that you failed to prepare properly, and Olivia, I don’t appreciate you pressuring me to overlook your poor output.”

For the briefest of moments, she worried the rumors of the outrageous activities perpetrated by Professor O’Keefe had been overstated.   Then he opened his mouth again.

“There’s only one offer I’m able to think of to remedy your problem, and I assure you, you’re going to hate the option I propose.”

His words were ominous, yet she had to ask. “I’d like to at least hear your offer, sir.”

He hesitated briefly before walking behind his desk, and grabbed one of several long rattan canes standing upright in the previously unseen orange and black canister. He returned to his desk to display the discipline device overtly for her inspection. Olivia’s heart rate skyrocketed as she contemplated the implications of the older man’s actions.

“As you can see, Miss Osborne, I believe a healthy dose of corporal punishment can help a young miss, such as yourself, learn how to buckle down and own her success. I’m afraid the only way I would feel comfortable modifying your grade as high as you obviously want me to would be to first ensure you atone for your obvious neglect of your studies.”   He paused, pinning her with an openly sexual stare. “I’ll need to hear you ask for your punishment in your own words before I’ll consider proceeding.”

Feeling trapped, her voice quavered as she forced the ominous words from her mouth. “Professor O’Keefe… sir… I’m so sorry I failed to study properly for the exam. I was hoping you’d consider overriding my previous grade in favor of an oral exam and…” Olivia couldn’t bring herself to ask for the ordeal he had implied.

“I’m afraid you omitted the most critical requirement of your request. Mind you, I’m under no obligation whatsoever to change your grade. You are going to have to be less obscure and say plainly what you want, Miss Osborne.”

The bastard’s eyes shone with excitement as he purposefully swished the thick cane once against his slacks as she suffered in obvious humiliation.

She weighed her options before finally buckling under and obediently putting herself at his mercy. “Professor, sir, would you please use your cane to provide the physical lesson I deserve for omitting my efforts to study hard?”

“Closer, Miss Osborne, but you’ll obviously need to be more clear. Exactly where would you like me to apply my cane on your body?” His dark eyes ogled her up and down.

“Well… okay… I guess I have to say on my bottom.”

“You ought to be more precise. What part of your bottom, Olivia?”

“My bare bottom, Professor O’Keefe.” She observed her shoes in embarrassment.

“Very well, if you insist, I’ll have you place yourself over my desk now to prepare for your discipline.”

Olivia moved on autopilot, shuffling forward to bend awkwardly, placing her upper body on the wood desk.   She felt the professor’s hands on her own, stretching her arms above her head.

“I’ve had accidents occur when a student is overwhelmed by the lesson I’m teaching, so I must insist that you grasp the opposite edge of the desk and do not release your hands until your discipline has been delivered. Do you understand, Miss Osborne?” His ominous order made it clear he expected to be obeyed.

“Okay,” was all she could mutter.

His hands were cold as he brushed her body intimately, lifting her skirt, exposing her orange thong underwear.   He could have left them on as her bottom was already bare, but he was determined to complete her humiliation by looping his fingers in her panties and lowering them to just above her knees.   He used the toe of his shoe to tap her feet, silently telling her to widen her stance.   She caught a whiff of her own sexual juices and she knew he had to be able to smell the odor as well, which tipped her farther into her submission.

Olivia’s breath came in uneven gasps as he made her wait for the oppressive punishment.   The first slice of the cane across the orbs of her ass hurt like no other pain she had ever experienced.   Her ass felt as if it was on fire and he’d only delivered one stroke.   She panicked when she realized she hadn’t asked how many strokes he’d be offering today.

The second stroke came too soon as she opted to bite her lip rather than scream like she wanted to. She was determined to avoid an outcry that might be overheard by someone passing by, but she failed miserably when the third swish could be heard just before the lick of flames lit up her sit-spots. Her blood-curdling scream surely was heard outside the building.

Professor O’Keefe took his official role of disciplinarian seriously, delivering a full set of twelve cane strokes to Olivia’s now welted bare bottom.   She gasped to suck in oxygen as she sobbed through the ordeal.

Before she understood what he was up to, she found herself standing just before being quickly shoved to her knees on the floor.

“Hold your skirt up, Olivia. I’m going to enjoy looking down on your striped ass as you take your oral exam.”

This part she’d expected on the way over.   Her knees crashed hard against the hardwood floor as he opened the zipper to his khakis, pulling out his oversized cock, already long and thick.

“Open wide. I have a long and hard exam for you to pass before I’ll give you the opportunity to have your score revisited.   Until the exam is over, I’ll be expecting your full oral cooperation.”

His manhood gagged her as he pressed against the back of her throat, overtly possessing her submission. She got light-headed as she ran out of oxygen just before he pulled out long enough for her to gasp for precious air. He plunged in again and again, overpowering his student on her knees as he drove himself to a loud, grunting orgasm.

She felt his hot cum as it shot deep in her pried open mouth.   She looked up to meet his dominant glare from her knees, his manly organ still pulsing as it pumped ooze.   She wanted to take offense at his treatment of her, but in that moment, all she could muster was overwhelming pride that she’d been able to obediently service him to pass the final exam.

Relieved at meeting her objective, Olivia rose and accepted his help in righting her outfit.   She couldn’t wait to get out of there.   She was at the door when she heard him call out.

“You passed your oral exam with flying colors, Miss Osborne. Your adjusted score will be posted by one tomorrow.”

She didn’t trust herself to speak so she flung open the door to escape. Olivia was surprised to find another student from her class waiting nervously in the chairs outside Professor O’Keefe’s office. She wasn’t surprised that another student might take him up on the offer for extra credit. What surprised her was who occupied the chair.

The professor’s voice was right behind her as he ordered the next student inside. “Mr. Olsen, I see you’ve come for your oral exam.”

Orrin Olsen’s eyes widened at the ominous tone of the professor. “Yes, sir, Professor O’Keefe.”


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