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Happy Sunday. Are you ready for Six of the Best?  Today’s excerpt is from my soon to be released book four in the Passions SeriesProtecting it All is an erotic suspense novel that has all of the characters you already know and love, but also follows new couple, Dylan and Hannah,  In today’s excerpt, Tiffany has just put herself in danger and is in big trouble with her fiance.


Tiffany licked her lips self-consciously, trying to stay calm. “You’re right to be mad for my not leaving a note, but I promise – I was safe. I just had lunch with Aiden and since he’s a cop, he had his gun with him. I promise, I didn’t leave his side. He picked me up and dropped me off at the door and we stayed local, just going to the diner down the street.”

“I don’t fucking care if he took you to a locked-down safe house. You didn’t listen to me. You left against my explicit instructions. You basically said, ‘fuck you, Lukus. I don’t love you enough to obey you.'”

She forced a smile, but it only made him look like he was going to unleash another angry rant. His green eyes lit into her, burning her with layers of guilt for worrying him.

“Honey, all I can say is I’m sorry that I didn’t call so you wouldn’t worry.”

“Don’t honey me like you forgot to do the damn dishes. This is serious shit, Tiff – life and death kind of serious. I haven’t wanted to worry you with all of the dirt we’ve dug up on Davenport, but believe me when I say he’ll stop at nothing to prey on vulnerable women.”

Lukus released her, pushing Tiffany away as he stormed to the kitchen island to put some distance between them. She fought the urge to break into tears, in part because she was so angry with herself, but mostly because Lukus had a harder time staying angry with her when she cried and she didn’t want to manipulate him.

A long silence stretched out before Lukus spoke with a forced calmness. “Strip – naked – right where you are and then go lay over the back of the love seat with your ass laid out for your punishment.”

“Lukus… please.”

“Not one more word, little girl. And no more Lukus until further notice. I’ve clearly been too soft on you, so until I’m done lighting up your disobedient ass like I never have before, I’m Sir and don’t forget it.”

Tiffany’s pulse skyrocketed at his angry words. She’d lived through several intense discipline sessions at his hands, but Lukus was a man of his word. She had no doubt that he wouldn’t be stopping today until he was sure she’d learned not to leave the loft without her guard, at least not until Jake Davenport was behind bars.

Stay tuned for additional details on release dates as soon as I have them. 🙂

Tiffany is in big trouble! #SatSpanks

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It’s Saturday and you know what that means. 🙂 It’s time for some Saturday Spankings. The seven line restriction just doesn’t let this scene play out to the juicy part, so if you want to know what happens next, join me tomorrow for Sunday’s Six of the Best blog hop where I’ll continue the scene.

If you are a Passion Series fan, you know that Lukus Mitchell is a hot as hell Dom who owns a sex club called The Punishment Pit. As you might expect, he knows how to discipline naughty submissives.  In today’s scene, his fiance, Tiffany has broken the biggest rule of all. She put herself in danger.  This is an excerpt from the first scene of the next book in the series, Protecting it All, an erotic suspense novel.  Stay tuned for a release date announcement in the coming weeks.


She’d barely stepped out into the foyer when she came face-to-face with a frantic Lukus, cell phone at his ear.

“Never mind, Derek. Call off the search. She just walked in. Later.”

Tiffany couldn’t say a word for the lump choking her at realizing her Dom had found out she’d disobeyed him.

Lukus lunged forward, closing the gap between them to pull her into his arms, squeezing her so long and hard she started to feel light headed. She could feel him trembling, which made her feel even worse than if he’d just started lecturing her for disobeying.

By the time he pulled back enough so she could look into his eyes, she was the one trembling, knowing how Lukus would be dealing with her decision to leave the loft without a guard.

“Lukus, I can explain…”

“Really – because I can’t wait to hear why the woman I love – the woman who has agreed to let me be her Dom and HoH – the woman who promised to stay in the loft so the lunatic sadist who is trying to hurt her couldn’t lay his hands on her – why the FUCK that woman would leave without her bodyguard – without calling or even leaving a note – even leaving without her cell phone so I couldn’t call her!”


Oh yeah, someone is in big trouble.  Before you leave, check out these other great authors.

Sneak Peek – Protecting it All #WIPitUp


Hello! I’ve been laying a bit low, working hard to pound out the next book in the Passion Series.  I’ve taken a few weeks off some of my normal blog hops to create some new material to share, and today’s the day.  Protecting it All, book four in the Passion Series is with my publisher and while the following excerpt is subject to change during final editing, I thought it would be fun to start sharing some snippets.

We all know Jake Davenport is evil, but early in book four, we get to see just how dark he can go.  This book is an erotic suspense and will take readers back to the darker feel of book one, Wanting it All.  The following scene is early in the book as Jake sets his sights on his next victim, Hannah.  Never fear, while we do follow a new main couple, Hannah and Dylan, all of your favorite characters play a major role in this book.


Only when he placed the drink on a cocktail napkin in front of her did he lean forward, his elbows on the bar so his face was only inches away. There was just enough light in the room to see the flicker of anger in his icy blue eyes as he finally broke the uneasy silence.

“Now, I think it’s fair to tell you my patience is running thin, Hannah. I feel I’ve been more than patient with you these past few weeks and more importantly, I know that what I’m offering is a dream come true for a girl like you. Part of what attracted me to you in the first place was your mix of sweet innocence and worldly experience. Having said that, this holier-than-thou routine needs to stop right now. I know you’re not the innocent you portray yourself as.”

The edge in his voice was sharp, putting her on defense. “I never said I was an innocent.”

“Not in so many words, but your reluctance to go out with me and take what is a very attractive job offer I’ve given you is getting tedious. Effective immediately, you’re employed by me. Drink your drink and then I’ll show you where you’ll work. We’ll go through the employment contract that lays out your responsibilities, the rules and the consequences for less than stellar performance.”

“Consequences, Jake?”

“Consequences, Sir. When we are in this house or at one of my other business locations that you’ll work out of, you will call me Sir.”

“But… I thought you said… well, what about us dating? Isn’t calling you Sir a bit formal?”

The smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes was back. “Think of it more like a contract and less like dating. We have an arrangement. Arrangements have rules, Hannah. It’s how I maintain order in my life.”

“That doesn’t sound very romantic.”

“I wasn’t aware you were looking for romance. I’d reset your expectations if I were you.”


Keep checking in.  As soon as I have a cover to reveal and a release date, I’ll be sure to share.  Don’t forget to check out these other talented authors before you go!


Traci dreads her conference #WIPITUP


Since Having it All is technically no longer a work in progress but is instead a NEW RELEASE any time now (yippy!)  I’m sharing an excerpt from my next Corbin’s Bend book instead for #WIPITUP this week.   We are joining Traci and Troy just after the last snippet I posted of this opening scene of Psychology of Submission.  Let’s see what Traci and Troy are talking about after he drags her away from the picnic area.


“Then tell me why you decided not to go to the conference. You’ve been working so hard on your research. You just got another article published in Psychology Today. I’m so proud of you, Trace. Why wouldn’t you want to go and enjoy talking about your research with other psychologists?”

“Conferences are boring. It’s no big deal.” Traci shrugged.

Troy turned his body to face his sister, pulling her hands until she had to shift to face him. Traci was careful not to look him in the eye. She was unprepared when he lifted her chin with his finger. The love and concern she saw warmed her.

“You’ve been hiding things from me and now you’re lying to me, Trace. I’ve been reluctant to push you before now, but that was a mistake. You’ve worked too hard on your research to just walk away from it now. That tells me something big is going on in that beautiful head of yours and I want you to share it with me.”

“Really, Troy. You’re making a mountain out of a molehill. It’s nothing. Let it go.”

His hands moved to her upper arms, gripping her tightly. “I asked you to stop lying to me. If you recall, there are consequences for lying in our relationship.”

Traci’s heart rate jumped as she remembered clearly what those consequences were. “Oh, for crying out loud. You wouldn’t dare spank me again.”

“I never dreamed I’d need to, but I will if I think it will help. Please, Trace. I can’t help you if I don’t know what’s wrong. I love you. Let me in.”

Traci looked away, calming herself by watching children playing on the enormous jungle gym several hundred feet away. Sounds of joyful play filled the air. She felt the familiar tug of submission, reminding her of her natural desire to submit to a stronger man. She’d spent thousands of hours studying the psychology behind dominance and submission. It was her specialty. Still, resentment flared within that she couldn’t stop it from happening within her own mind. She was an intelligent, strong woman. Understanding the reasons why she still yearned to submit to the will of a man didn’t make her any less pissed when she couldn’t stop it from happening.

All of the damn research, and I’m still no closer to being able to stop my own mind from betraying me. Life would be so much easier if I could just settle for a vanilla relationship.

Her inner anger flared, making it harder to hold up her protective shield. Her brother waited her out, seeming to understand she was waging an internal emotional struggle.

“Fine. I don’t want to go because my area of specialization isn’t well received in the psychological community. It’s easier to just stay home than to go and feel like everyone around me is ridiculing me.”

She detected disbelief as her brother answered. “I bet you’re just being paranoid, Trace. You’re a published professional. Why wouldn’t they want to hear what you have to say? Are you sure this isn’t more about fear of public speaking?”

“I’m sure. Public speaking makes me a little nervous on its own, but it’s the fear of getting rotten tomatoes thrown at me that has me dreading it.”

He laughed at her. Too bad she hadn’t been exaggerating. “Now you’re being ridiculous, but I’ll play along. What about your study of relationship dynamics do you think they don’t respect?”

They were at the heart of her lie. The reason she’d avoided this discussion for months. If she couldn’t even talk about this with her brother, the man who loved her most in the world and who lived in Corbin’s Bend as the head of household in his domestic discipline marriage, how in the world could she get up in front of a bunch of professionals and talk about it?

Again, he waited patiently. The silence between them finally forced the words from her. “I just don’t think they want to hear about the kind of relationships I’ve studied.”


“A bit more specific.”

“Sexual relationships?”

“A bit more specific.”

“Rather than playing this guessing game, why not tell me the title of your work?”

Traci took a deep breath before continuing. “The Intimacy of Dominance and Submission. I study the psychology behind what makes Doms and HoH’s need to dominate and protect. I also study the psychology of why some people long to be submissive, both sexually and domestically.”

Troy whistled softly. “Well, you certainly have a hot-bed of test subjects here in Corbin’s Bend. At least that explains in part what made you want to move here, to live your research.”

Traci snorted an unladylike sound. “Researching others, yes. I wouldn’t say I’m living my research.” Traci had to push down the now familiar self-pity she’d been fighting since last year’s conference.


Psychology of Submission will be released on June 4th!   Don’t forget to check out these other great authors!

Markus and his belt are waiting #SatSpanks

Saturday Spankings-Val Heart Paddles-rev

I am so excited!  We are down to just a few days until the next book in the Passion Series is released.  Having it All will be released on April 21st.   Today I’m sharing a snippet from a night out on the town for Brianna and Markus.  Bri has been dallying in the ladies room and Markus has sent a woman in to make sure she is okay.   I’d love a show of virtual hands at the end of the snippet to know who would like to be in Brianna’s shoes?


“You wouldn’t be Brianna, would you?”

Brianna is surprised. “Y-yes. I’m Brianna.”

“Thought so. Your husband is waiting outside. Seems he was worried something happened to you since you’d been gone so long from your table.”

“Oh. I’m fine. Thanks.”

The woman’s smile grows as she starts to chuckle. “I think I’m starting to understand.”

Brianna is confused. “Understand what?”

“The second part of your husband’s message. He told me to get him right away if something was wrong, but if you were fine, he asked me to pass along a rather personal message.”

Brianna has an uneasy feeling that she’s not going to like that message. “Do I want to ask?”

“I guess that depends.”


“On if you like spankings. He said to tell you he and his belt are waiting impatiently outside the door.”

“Oh, shit.”


If you are a fan of Wanting it All, I think you’ll enjoy how much fun Brianna and Markus get to have in this book compared to how heavy things were in the last two for them.   If you haven’t read the start of their story, why wait?  Start here.

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