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Holy hotness, this week’s video teaser is smoking hot!  Hopefully, the excerpt from my brand new book released yesterday will keep the hotness going.  Expecting it All is book five in the Passion Series, but was written to be a standalone.  Come take a peek into Derek and Rachel’s age-play marriage as they struggle with becoming parents.

ExpectingItAll1Extended Excerpt:

He looked down into her eyes. She saw a cocktail of emotions shining back at her. She rarely saw her husband lose control, but for the briefest of moments he looked like he might burst out crying. She fought to free her left hand from the bundled blanket and he allowed her to caress his cheek. Her touch seemed to calm him.

When he continued speaking, he didn’t look away, but spoke directly to her. “The truth is, I’m scared shitless and I hate it. I’m scared of losing this.” He let his eyes scan the nursery before looking back down at his baby girl. “I’m scared of losing this special part of our relationship.”

Uncertainty clouded his eyes. “I’m scared I’m gonna screw up our kid. I may be a great uncle, but what the fuck do I know about being a dad?” Then the look of uncertainty was replaced with fear. “But mostly, I’m afraid that you aren’t going to need me anymore. And the next minute, I’m scared shitless you’ll need me too much, and I won’t know how to help you anymore.”

He gave her a small smile and she brushed his lips with her thumb; wanting to feel them on her body.

“Until tonight, I guess I forgot to think about how scared you must be, too,” he went on. “You seemed to be taking all of the changes in your stride, and I’ve seen you taking charge of things in a way you never have before so I thought, well…” He took a big breath before finishing. “Tonight, I realized you’re still my Rach—my baby. I may not have all the answers, but I know this: we’re gonna figure out a way to make this all work. I’m not giving up my baby. Yes, there will be times when you’ll have to be an adult, but at the end of each day, when we go to bed, you’ll still be my baby. And I’ll still be your Daddy.”

Rachel finally forced the nipple of the now-empty bottle out of her mouth long enough to reassure her husband. “Oh God, I love you so much.”

Derek set the bottle on the nearby table before hugging her closer. “I love you, too, Rachel. As terrible as your panic attack was, it did have one positive outcome. It was familiar. I knew what to do to fix it. With Braxton-Hicks, I’m fucking clueless. Panic attacks, I can handle.”

“Honey, you can handle it all. You’re the strongest, most loving man I’ve ever known. But… I have to ask. Do you regret me getting pregnant?”

It was a question she’d wanted to ask for months, but had been too anxious she might not like the answer. She couldn’t hide from the truth anymore.

Anger flashed in his grey eyes. “No. Never. And I don’t want to hear you even think about that again. I can’t wait to see our baby. Hold our baby. I just don’t want to screw him up, you know?”

“Yeah, well, right now I’m more worried about having this fuck up our marriage.”

“Excuse me? Little girls don’t use that kind of language. You’re only allowed to use that word if it’s happening to you.”

She smiled. “So maybe I do want it to happen. Why do you think I came to the club tonight?”

“I’m not sure…” He still looked nervous.

Rachel decided to take things into her own hands. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” The curse word was defiance at its finest.


“Please, Daddy. I’ve missed you.”

“Oh baby, you have no idea how much I’ve missed you. The cold showers just aren’t cutting it any more.”


He cut her off. “Stop topping from the bottom. I don’t want to hurt you. Or worse, hurt the baby.”

“I knew you were worried about that. I even asked Dr. Taylor at my appointment today, and had him write me a note that it was safe.”

“The doctor wrote you a note? Like a prescription?”

She giggled. “Exactly! It’s a prescription for sex. You wouldn’t want to go against doctor’s orders, now, would you?”


Expecting it All is now available:

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Have you ever wondered what happens to the relationship when age-play couples decide to have children? Derek and Rachel Parker have been married for five years, and while Rachel adores her ‘Daddy’, and being his little girl, she longs to have a baby of her own.

When she finally becomes pregnant, Rachel is overjoyed, but all too soon she begins to realize that a baby changes everything. How can she still be her Daddy’s ‘little girl’ when she becomes a mother herself? None of the pregnancy advice books say anything about maintaining a healthy age-play/BDSM relationship in the face of real parenthood.

Derek, too, finds himself tormented by sudden fears and doubts. He loves caring for Rachel as a BDSM ‘Daddy’, but this will be different. He’s going to be a real father to a real infant; wholly dependent on him for round-the-clock care and nurturing. Can he do it?

‘Expecting it All’ takes a deeper look into the psychology and love behind age-play. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a front row seat as we watch two beloved characters from the Passion Series have their new, exciting futures shaped with childbirth and parenthood, through tears and laughter. All the characters you know and love from Grant’s powerful ensemble cast make an appearance in this, the fifth, fun, and light-hearted installment of Livia Grant’s best-selling series! Best of all, this book can be read as a standalone!

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  1. OMG, I love this excerpt! If you’re looking for reviews, let me know (kaylalords at gmail). This is the kind of stuff D/s couples go through, and I love reading it in fiction!

    I also love that she got a prescription for sex…that’s called “knowing your Daddy very well.” 😀

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