Cover Reveal: Black Light: Rocked

I’m so excited to share this cover with you all since it is the first book in a brand new hot BDSM series I’ve created that is set in Washington D.C.  Black Light is an exclusive private club where the rich and famous with particularly kinky proclivities love to congregate because they are ensured privacy from prying eyes like the paparazzi, media and rabid fans.  Because of the location and hefty monthly membership dues, the clientele is made up mostly of politicians, powerful lobbyists, international dignitaries and celebrities.

Meet Jonah “Cash” Carter. He is an Grammy-Award-Winning bad-boy rocker.


Target Release Date: December 17th, 2016


They had unfinished business.

She went there for closure, but he deserved his revenge.

They both learned to be careful what you wish for.

When Samantha Stone hears the popular rock band Crushing Stones created by her childhood sweetheart is headlining at a new dance club nearby, she considers it fate. She’s waited seven years to get answers. Why had he deserted her without even saying good-bye?

Jonah “Cash” Carter has scanned the throngs of fans for years looking for her. Waiting. When he spots Sami in the crowd, he freezes mid-song. He’d named his band for a reason, and tonight would be the night he finally got to crush a Stone.

Too many secrets. Too much history. Can they find their way to the truth without destroying each other?

Author’s Note: Black Light: Rocked is a steamy bad-boy rocker romance with an HEA. It is meant for mature audiences only. It has explicit sexual situations as well as BDSM power exchange elements that may not be suitable for all readers.

What should you be doing while you wait for the release?  Why, read the prequel to this series of course.  Meet Jaxson, Emma and Chase, the owners of both Runway and Black Light clubs.

Jaxson, Emma and Chase

Jaxson, Emma and Chase

Infamous Love – On Sale Now

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When curvy grad student Emma Fischer is stranded in the south of France, she’s short on cash and unable to speak French. The last people she expects to come to her aide at the train station are two high-demand fashion models in France for a photo shoot. Sparks fly between the threesome as they speed towards Paris in their private car.

Emma gets on the train a girl, but the intimate time spent in the dominant men’s arms over one hot weekend turns her into a woman. Walking away from her lovers to return to her average life in Wisconsin is one of the hardest things she’s ever done.

Jaxson Davidson and Chase Cartwright have been best friends and business partners for years. As A-list models they are treated like royalty wherever they go, by everyone they meet, which is why their down-to-earth submissive grad student, Emma, is something special. The men have been seeking a way to turn their friendship into a romance, and Emma is the perfect missing ingredient to make that happen.

Can a romance that started as a fun summer fling turn into something long lasting for the trio? Will Jaxson’s powerful father ruin their chance at their own happily ever after? Find out this and more in this sexy, exciting ménage novel where love might really be the only thing more powerful than the paparazzi.

Publisher’s Note: Infamous Love is a M/m/f erotic ménage romance meant for adult audiences only.

Excerpt From Black Light: Rocked:

The familiar strain of the Crushing Stone’s number one hit, Proving You Wrong, filled the crowded venue. The rather stuffy crowd that had just minutes before been sipping champagne in their evening wear seemed to shed their restraint. They pushed to their feet as the curtain opened, exposing the band to the cheering crowd.

Samantha had to resist the urge to follow several groups of scantily clad women who pressed past her to rush the runway jutting out into the dance floor. Within minutes the stage was surrounded, several layers deep, with raging fans jumping and shouting for the missing lead singer who had yet to grace the stage.

Her heart raced, anxious for her first glimpse of Jonah and dreading it at the same time. The second he burst out from backstage the spotlight shone on him, making him the center of attention. She had thought she was prepared, but in that moment Sam found herself fighting down the urge to cry.
What a fool she’d been. She’d come to get a glimpse of her old friend, Jonah, but one glance at the man center stage and Samantha knew she was too late. Jonah was gone, swallowed wholly and completely by his larger-than-life persona, Cash Carter.

And he was devastatingly perfect.

While the room clapped and sang along with the Grammy-Award-winning band, Samantha sat frozen in the shadows on her tall stool. She couldn’t take her eyes off the six-foot tall celebrity currently working the crowd with his sexy dance moves.

She struggled to reconcile the current version of the popular musician with the young man she’d felt so close to most of her life. His signature gravelly voice was deeper than she remembered. God, he’d filled out so much and in all the right places, flexing his muscular arms as he fist pumped to the beat of the angry song. His perfect body was encased in body-hugging black leather pants and a sleeveless shirt. Tattoos rippled across his biceps and his shoulder-length dark hair swayed as he moved with the beat of the song. It was when he moved out onto the long runway, getting closer and closer, that Samantha decided she’d got what she came for after all.


Her Jonah was gone.

The reality almost crushed her. It was hard to catch her breath and it was in that moment she had to admit the ugly truth to herself. She’d really come with the hope of feeling a spark of their old connection. That invisible thread that had always bonded them together.

Even as young kids, she’d felt connected to Jonah in a way that felt a bit like magic. She’d felt his presence before he became visible. He’d been able to read her mind, understanding her at times better than she understood herself.

The urge to cry was almost too much. Sam swallowed hard, trying to press down the lump in her throat. As the rest of the huge club pressed in around her, she’d never felt as alone as she did watching Jonah reaching down to accept flowers and small gifts from his adoring fans, making tangible connections with strangers he now cared about more than he did her.

He was so close.

An irrational thought took hold. What might he do if she approached the runway? What could she offer him as her gift? She’d already given him her heart and he’d trampled it.

Her fingers flew to the golden heart locket she’d worn around her neck every day since the day he’d given it to her. It had been the day he’d asked her to his senior prom. The day he’d literally swept her off her feet, kissing her until she’d been out of breath. He’d told her it was to be their promise charm to each other. How many nights had she fallen asleep holding that small locket, filled with a lock of his thick hair, feeling closer, if just for a minute, to her lost friend?

He won’t remember me. He’s moved on. And even if he does recognize me, he couldn’t care less.

Insanity. Unwanted tears finally fell as she sat frozen to her spot, unable to move. She should leave, but instead she felt trapped, there to witness Jonah in all of his perfection as he gyrated his sexy hips like the consummate showman he’d become. She could barely make out the lyrics to the next song, Betrayal, for all the screaming fans. It didn’t matter. She had every note, every syllable, every melody memorized.

By the time the song was winding down, Samantha knew she had to leave. Instead of feeling better, being so close to Jonah had her on the verge of a full-out panic attack, something she hadn’t suffered for years. She was glad now that she hadn’t gone too far into the club. She pushed to her wobbly feet, anxious to get outside to the frigid December air in hopes it would revive her.

She crossed in front of several tables of VIPs and patrons sporting press passes. She’d have to weave through a screaming crowd of fans to make it to the exit. The pounding music started to be drowned out by the pounding in her ears as she grew more and more light-headed. Panic and the compressed space were closing in faster than she could escape.

The music grew softer, almost subdued. Sam glanced back towards the stage as the band began to play their one and only number one ballad from the year before. The lights that had been trained only on Jonah and the band were now scanning the crowd in a haphazard way as the first chords of Forever began, only bringing her tears harder. She’d always hoped he’d been thinking of her as he’d penned the lyrics, so now, seeing him walking out onto the runway to touch the dozens of screaming women as the love poured out of him—well it made her feel foolish.

So foolish she was paralyzed as she stood grounded at the end of the runway as Jonah made his way closer with each step he took. Twenty feet. Ten feet.

What she’d give to touch him again, just once. She was as bad as the screaming fans, desperate for any scrap of the famous musician’s attention and it made her sick to her stomach to admit how much she’d let his desertion hurt her. He’d never hidden his dreams of being a star from her. She had no right to feel the red-hot anger bubbling up. A true friend would be happy for his success. The fact that she resented having lost Jonah to his Cash Carter guise only made her feel guilty.

He was a mere half-dozen feet away from her now as she stood frozen. Unable to go to him. Unable to leave.

She’d never know if it was fate or weird luck that trained the spotlight from above directly on her. It lasted only for a second, but in that moment he turned her way and their eyes met. His eyes widened slightly as his brow furrowed with recognition. Her brain shouted at her to turn and run away before he shunned her publicly, completing her heartbreaking humiliation, but her feet stood planted in her fashion boots.

How much time passed, she’d never know. What she did know was that the crowd was yelling and the musicians were playing the accompaniment to the song Jonah had stopped singing. Groupies pressed closer to the frozen singer, reaching up to the stage to touch his stationary boots while his glare penetrated her to her core.

He sees me. Really sees me.

The thought thrilled and frightened her. She held her breath until she was light-headed. She was in uncharted territory, unsure if she should turn and retreat or advance on the stage. The roving spotlight was back on her, throwing her into the middle of the show whether she liked it or not. She felt all eyes in the three-story club on her as everyone in the room collectively tried to figure out why the lead singer had suddenly stopped singing one of his most popular songs as if he’d forgotten the lyrics he’d written.

She never took her eyes off his, waiting for his expression to give her a hint of what he was thinking, hopeful she’d see her old Jonah crawl out from behind Cash’s polished exterior. She might have been able to handle a nonchalant brush off, but with each second that passed, an angry hatred changed the handsome musician into a frightening adversary.

That’s when she realized there had been one outcome she hadn’t even considered.

He sees me… and he cares, alright.
He hates me.


Coming soon! Watch for the release starting December 17th, 2016

Call Sign: Thunder – Hero to Obey #8sunday

weekend_writing_warriors_header3Welcome Weekend Writing Warriors. I’m thrilled that we are only a few days away from the release of the hot Hero to Obey boxed set featuring twenty-two brand spanking new stories from twenty-two talented authors. This set has a bit of everything you love, so don’t miss out.

13415648_613352935497164_6846681082762959689_o (2)

Excerpt from my story, Call Sign: Thunder:

He held his breath, afraid to make a sound. His brain knew there was no way they could possibly see him or know he was there, but he couldn’t come up with any valid reason for their stopping. That was until he heard the high-pitched scream of a woman coming from the direction of the SUVs.

Well, that sucks. Sounds like she’s in more trouble than I am.

He was close enough to hear the scuffle of someone being tackled to the ground. He wished his Spanish were better. All he could make out was a man cussing, presumably at the woman who had screamed.

The situation got worse when the sound of fists beating against flesh filled the hot air. The thought of a woman being beaten only feet away had a wave of nausea turning Zach’s stomach. That she was being hurt was bad enough. That he was not in any position to help her made it worse.

Well, she should know better than to hang out with thugs and criminals. Everyone knew it was dangerous to play with fire.

Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, sport.

Her screams of pain tortured him, but he remained as still as a statue, praying they would put her back in the SUV and keep driving; if not so he could keep moving forward, then to at least make the abuse stop.

It wasn’t until her shouting reached his ears that he had to fight down the urge to puke.

“I’m going to kill you, you bastards. You can’t kidnap me. I’m gonna cut your balls off and throw them at you.”

Her loud rant was silenced with another punch and what sounded like a crack against the pavement.

Zachary’s heart pounded so hard he thought it would fly out of his rib cage. He sprang into motion, moving silently until he was close enough to get eyes on the scene in the road. An armed gunman was just scooping up the lifeless body of a young woman from the pavement. Even with the distance, the light from the headlights shone off her pale white skin and illuminated her long, sandy blonde hair.

He cursed under his breath. His visual inspection supported his suspicion. She was no drug smuggler or gunrunner. She was an innocent victim. An innocent American victim.

“Fuck me.”


Captain Zachary Garrett

Captain Zachary Garrett

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Hero to Obey: Twenty-Two Naughty Military Romance Stories is packed with ALL-NEW sexy novellas, penned by New York TimesUSA Today, and international bestselling authors of BDSM romance.

Your hot, dominant military heroes are waiting—and they expect your complete submission.

Featured authors: Selena Kitt, Paige Tyler, Sierra Cartwright, Alta Hensley, Sue Lyndon, Renee Rose, Vanessa Vale, Desiree Holt, Abbie Adams, Tabitha Black, Zoe Blake, Bethany Burke, Alexa Day, Livia Grant, Yasmine Hyde, Isabella Kole, Cerise Noble, Kate Richards, Maggie Ryan, Lee Savino, Maren Smith, and Maddie Taylor.

SEAL of Her Dreams by Paige Tyler

When Navy SEAL Kurt Travers fills in for his buddy during career day at school, he doesn’t expect to fall for the teacher. But Melissa Drake lives by one hard and fast rule. She doesn’t date Navy guys—ever. Will saving her life change her mind?

Enticement By Sierra Cartwright

Ella Gibson, his little sister’s best friend, is definitely off-limits. But when Special Forces Staff Sergeant Pierce Holden sees her about to make a big mistake with another Dom, honor, duty, and his physical attraction to her compels him to step in.

Wrecked by Selena Kitt

Spoiled heiress Darcy Haverford and ex-military beach bum Daniel Colvin find themselves shipwrecked on a desert island and they discover the key to survival is both discipline and surrender.

Stormy Weather by Desiree Holt

The storm outside whipping the surface of the bay into whitecaps wasn’t nearly as intense as the one raging inside Zane Colby. The isolation of the cottage on the little island was exactly what he needed, a place to hide and deal with the disasters threatening to destroy him. He was a warrior and used to destruction and devastation, but this time it threatened to push him over the edge. He’d hope in this sequestered environment to reach down and find his humanity again. The last thing he needed was Dara, a waif who nearly drowned in the turbulent water in her haste to run from a violent situation. How would he manage with the two of them locked up together in this situation, a woman with the needs of a sub who had been abused, and him with the needs of a Dom that had nearly destroyed him? Was it possible that in the turbulence of the situation they could heal each other?

A Hero In Disguise by Alta Hensley

Kidnapped and brought to an isolated militia compound in the backwoods of West Virginia, Jessa Crowe realizes there is much more hidden in the dark depths of the hemlock trees.

She is surrounded by hate, sex, torture, and death. Only to be claimed by the devil himself—Decker Cassidy. But what Jessa soon discovers is that her captor may very well be her hero in disguise.

The SEAL’s Captive Bride by Sue Lyndon

In the aftermath of a horrendous war, former SEAL Rick Stanford catches a pretty little thief sneaking around the settlement he’s charged to protect. Rather than see Ally tried for her crimes, he protects her in the best way he knows how—by claiming the reluctant young virgin as his wife.

In His Hands By Maggie Ryan

Betsy Riddle considered it her patriotic duty to lift the spirits of soldiers fighting for their country. Little did she know that her newest pen-pal, Mr. Bossy, would be the one man who stole her heart. With every letter he received,  Major Jackson Sommersby  knew that the moment this horrid war ended, he’d be taking a certain little minx in hand and showing her that paradise was found in his arms.

Owned by the Marine by Renee Rose

He may live next door, but he sure as hell wasn’t the boy next door.

When Marine Sergeant Rob Gentry moves into his new apartment, the last girl he wants to date is his neighbor. Smoking hot and so cute it makes his teeth hurt, she’s not his type. Too sweet. Too innocent. Too vanilla. …or so he thinks.

Under His Command by Maddie Taylor

After twenty years in the field, Navy SEALs Commander Flynn Dalton is ready to put down roots.  Settled at Coronado island, he trains new recruits by day while searching for his perfect submissive by night.  Too bad the one woman he wants to claim as his own is too young, too shy, and too damn vanilla.  Relegated to the friend zone by the man of her dreams, computer analyst Cassie Hardwick tries to jumpstart her dormant social life by attending a masquerade mixer at an exclusive BDSM club.  Oblivious to what is right under their noses, both Flynn and Cassie are in for quite a surprise when the masks come off at Decadence LA.

Understanding the Enemy by Tabitha Black

She can resist anything. Except him. When Lena is captured and interrogated by a handsome militia sergeant, she’s determined not to reveal anything; no matter what he intends to do to her. But Blaze Fielding has big secrets of his own… and very special ways to get Lena to talk.

Devil Dog by Lee Savino

There he was, on the eve of my divorce, the yummiest thing in the coffee shop. Tall, tattooed, made of muscle. He was my hero. I just didn’t know it yet…

Her Captain’s Command by Isabella Kole

When a former love surprisingly arrives as the new XO on his ship, how will Captain Blaine Rogers handle her stubborn attempts to defy his authority? Will old feelings get in the way or will a spark be rekindled?

A Little Love by Maren Smith

From the moment he saw her tattoo, Sergeant Nolan Anderson knew Tricia was meant to be his. But they were neighbors and, worse, he was broken. She deserved so much better from the man who became her Dom and yet, now that he’d held her, how could he ever let her go…

Their Runaway Bride by Vanessa Vale

A surprise prequel to the USA Today bestselling Bridgewater Menage Series. Learn how the two military men save a runaway from her ruthless father. You’ve met Anne and her two husbands, Robert and Andrew before. It’s time for their story!

Worth Fighting For by Zoe Blake

He is determined to make her his…even if he has to fight her every step of the way. An arrogant, alpha Marine ordering her about is not Sage’s idea of boyfriend material.

Conner disagrees. For her first burglary, it was going very well…until a half-naked, hot-as-hell Marine burst in demanding to know what was going on!

A Soldier to Cry On by  Abbie Adams

Sergeant Anthony Jerard hunts down the wife of the soldier dying in the hospital bed next to him during the first days after he suffers a traumatic brain injury. He intends to pass on the deathbed apology of which he hasn’t a clue to the nature of. What he doesn’t intend to do, is fall ass over teakettle in love with the often captivating, but more often infuriating, little widow.

Call Sign: Thunder by Livia Grant

Zach wasn’t supposed to be there, but he was Allie’s only hope of getting out alive.  Even if she gets out with her life, could she survive the horrific memories of her time in the hands of her diabolical captors?

Passing Through by Alexa Day

The summer’s brought two surprises to bar owner Gigi Deane: the former Army Ranger she hired is the perfect barback, and he takes orders in bed as well as he does on the job. He’s told her that he’s just passing through, but as the seasons change, can she convince him to make their summer thing a little more permanent?

Bound By Her Captain by Kate Richards

The heat between a  US Coast Guard Captain and a beautiful, brilliant Soviet scientist might do a better job of melting the polar ice than the ship when they combine forces to hunt down a possible sea monster in Cold War Era Alaska.

With One Hand Behind My Back by Cerise Noble

Irene’s determined to follow her Marine, Drew –  the love of her life – everywhere. He leads, she follows; from duty station to duty station, from base to base. When he’s wounded, everything changes. Can she submit to a man who’s body was broken?

Exfil  by Bethany Burke

Archeologist Emily Becker’s “simple and quick” clandestine trip into Syria to recover a precious artifact turns out to be neither.   Stuck in a bombed out basement with some serious heat on her tail, she needs “exfil,” extraction from a dangerous situation by someone who knows what he’s doing.

Delta Force Mission Specialist Michael Duncan definitely knows what he’s doing. He would fit the bill except for one thing:  he also knows Emily, and their history is not a happy one.

Emily doesn’t know if she’s in more danger from Michael or from terrorists, but she’s about to find out.

Aim for Pleasure by Yasmine Hyde

Kerrigan’s military career is coming to an end. At last she will be able to dedicate her time to the business she started years ago with her sister. She just has one more function to put on for the General she works for, then she’ll be bound for civilian life. The night before the event she lets her friends take her out to a bar to celebrate. When a moment of peace turns into a chance at passion, she is drawn in and taken on a ride of ecstasy. She never expects to see the mystery man from her one night of recklessness again, but when he turns up in the place she least expects him, she can’t keep him at arm’s length.

Jaxon returns from a mission just in time to celebrate his brother’s promotion. Hitting the road, he decides to catch up with an old buddy. A detour at a bar winds up being a night to remember. The next day the curvaceous beauty practically falls into his lap again, and seeing it as an opportunity to get to know her better, he pursues.

Can two warriors from two different branches of services, two different paths of life, really find the one in a wanton moment – and can it last for a lifetime?


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Will Brianna Lose it All? #8Sunday



Welcome to my blog! Today is my first time participating in the Weekend Warrior Blog Hop so welcome to any new visitors that might be joining me for the first time.  In your honor, I’ve posted a snippet from book one in the Passion Series, Wanting it All. This scene is from your next book boyfriend’s POV, Lukus Mitchell.



She slowly looks up until her gaze falls upon the haunting dark eyes of her captor.

“I have some really bad news for you, sweetheart. Markus is my friend – a very dear friend. So here’s how this is going to go. I’m going to take you down to that stage and once we’re there, I’m going to make you wish you had never been born.”

When Brianna refuses to break his gaze, his grim scowl turns into an evil smile. “I see you think I’m bluffing – you don’t believe me?”

After several more seconds of their showdown, Brianna finally answers in a defeated tone. “Oh, I believe you – I just don’t care because I deserve everything you’re going to give me and more. You were right – I had it all, and I threw it all away. If I’ve lost Markus, then there’s nothing you can do that will hurt worse than that.”


The first three full-length books in the series are now available here in one low-priced boxed set!


The Passion Series Boxed Set: 3 books, 2 couples negotiating D/s , and 1 madman trying to destroy it all.

This series is a fast-paced, intensely sexy, edgy and emotional story that combines humor, drama, friendship and romance in the way Livia Grant fans have come to expect and new readers are sure to enjoy. Don’t miss out on this outstanding story that isn’t afraid to break a few of the rules on the way to an HEA.

Wanting it All: Infidelity. Dominance and Submission. Can their marriage be saved?

Brianna Lambert has a kind husband and a good life, but she secretly longs for the excitement of the BDSM lifestyle she lived while she was single. When Jake Davenport, her abusive ex-dom, resurfaces, she makes a poor choice with shattering consequences. Deeply hurt, her husband Markus drops her off at a BDSM club owned by his best friend, Lukus, where she has a choice: sign divorce papers, or submit to harsh punishments to atone for her indiscretion. Brianna doesn’t want a divorce. She loves her husband, and she desperately wants a second chance – no matter what she must endure to win him back.

Jake doesn’t want her to have that second chance, though. He wants to destroy her. Will Brianna and Markus repair their marriage before it’s permanently ripped apart?

Brianna’s best friend, Tiffany, is determined to rescue Bri from The Punishment Pit, but when Tiffany encounters the owner and Master’s Master, Lukus Mitchell, she soon has to worry about saving herself instead.

Securing It All: Punishment. Forgiveness. A Marriage Rebuilt. New Love.

Brianna’s infidelity has come with a heavy price, and she and Markus struggle to rebuild their shattered marriage. At the same time, Brianna’s friend Tiffany confronts her growing attraction to Lukus, who owns the BDSM club The Punishment Pit. The problem is, Lukus’ life revolves around BDSM – and Tiffany is a novice with a sassy mouth. Is there a chance for this relationship to even get off the ground?

Having It All: Steamy Sex. Intense BDSM. Family. Friendship. Danger.

Tiffany has always yearned to explore her edgy dreams of submission, but she is unprepared for the intensity of the Master’s Master, Lukus Mitchell. He has always had a stable of subs to play with over the years – but he finds his priorities changing after meeting the one woman who has made him want to have it all in life. Can Tiffany learn to submit to the dominant man who has stolen her heart?

Markus and Brianna continue to work through growing pains as the dynamics of their marriage change from vanilla to D/s, and they begin to explore Brianna’s deep desires.

The threats from Jake Davenport remain a shadow over the two couples as the danger heats up. Will he succeed in his obsession to destroy their happiness?

80 Five-star reviews can’t be wrong! See what readers are saying about this smoking hot BDSM series. Three full-length novels (over 250K words) for one low price.

*****Courageous and gripping debut novel

*****One of the hottest and best written rides in the BDSM erotic genre

*****New author to watch out for, Gripping and Intense Read

*****Excellent & hot BDSM… writing about Love, Friendship and Adult Relationships


*****Stayed up all night to finish this in one reading!

*****Gritty, sexy, raw

***** I’m in love with this series and characters

The Passion Series features believable characters, along with explicit, no-holds-barred acts of sexual dominance and submission. It explores the delicate balance of D/s as well as the importance of trust and communication within those relationships.

If you’re looking for books that feature an explicit, intimate, and heartfelt look into the physical and psychological attraction of BDSM, this is the one series you must put on your reading list.

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Countdown to Release of Protecting it All #WIPitUp


Not sure this counts as my current Work in Progress since we are officially done with edits and in the final countdown to Saturday’s release of Protecting it All, Book Four in the Passion Series.   I’m thrilled that not only will I be releasing this new book, but Blushing Books is also putting books 1-3 together in a boxed set for the first time ever.  It will be released on Saturday too, so no more excuses for missing out on the series since we will have over 250,000 words (3 full-length novels) available for only $6.99!

For fans of the series, I know you’ve been waiting patiently to see what is going to happen with one evil Jake Davenport.  You don’t have long to wait now!  Here is just a little tidbit from early in the book to whet your whistle.

Excerpt: (Lukus POV)

Dylan couldn’t wait to lay down his own agenda. “We’ve been watching long enough. Tell me we’re going into the fucking warehouse tonight.”

Lukus didn’t need to intervene. Z had just about had enough of young Parker. “And do what? For the hundredth time, we don’t have enough evidence yet. Davenport is smart. He’s got a lot of security around him. We haven’t found anything illegal, and even if we had, we know for a fact he has some of the local law enforcement’s ear. You know we got a lot of push back after you got the shit beat out of you. We’re gonna need something rock solid before we can involve the police again,” Z snapped.

“Fuck the police,” Dylan retorted.

“Sure. Fuck the police. I’m not exactly their biggest supporter, but will you get your head out of your ass for five minutes and listen to me rationally? What’s your plan here? To rush in there guns blazing and shoot the bastard dead? If so, that’s great. I’ll be sure to visit you once a year in Statesville.” Z was steamed.

“All right, everybody calm down. We’re on the same team.” Lukus had stepped between them to try to keep the two men from throwing punches.

Cameron’s voice came over the speaker. “If you guys are done, I have new information.”

Derek urged him on. “Great. Tell us what you’ve got.”

“Look at the screen Z just got hooked up.”
The four men gathered around the thirty-two inch monitor as the picture of a naked, red-headed woman hanging from an elaborate display of ropes came into focus. She was writhing in pain and the cameraman made sure to capture the running mascara on her face.

Cam continued his report. “This is just one of six different interactive Internet sites run out of the ‘Strictly Disciplined’ warehouse you’ve been staking out. This channel specializes in bondage and what they call diabolical restraints. There’s another focused on anal domination, another for group orgies, and my personal favorite, staged abductions with non-con elements. The most controversial with the lowest subscription numbers is all watersports, and I’m trying not to be totally grossed out by the fact that the most popular site is for staged incest fantasies. Mommy/son, Daddy/daughter, brother/sister.”

Dylan was animated. “Thank fuck. We’ve got him.”

Cameron corrected him. “We don’t have shit. The sessions are often live. The recording studios are set up in the warehouse, and every session begins with the actors in the scene recording their consent to participate live. They end every session the same way, with a narrator interviewing the players involved to find out their favorite part of the scene or what they didn’t enjoy. I’ve been able to match at least a dozen on-screen talents with surveillance photos you took Dylan; proving these women and even some submissive men are willingly driving themselves to and from the warehouse to work just like they would if they worked at Wal-Mart.”

“That’s such bullshit! He has to be blackmailing them.” Dylan’s emotions were running hot.

Lukus tried to settle him down. “Will you sit down and let Cam finish? I’d like to hear more.”

“As best I can tell, he has another half-dozen or so 1-800 phone-sex numbers being run from inside, too. He has enough bandwidth and phone lines going into the building to run a small city. They’re using top-of-the-line encryption and security firewalls, which I, of course, was able to circumvent, thank-you-very-much. He’s making a shit-load of money and even if he’s paying the sex-workers top dollar, he’s had these sites up for years. Subscriptions are through the roof. I haven’t found his offshore accounts yet, but I know he has them. The cash-flow through the Strictly Disciplined accounts is incredible,” Cam told them.

Derek jumped in next. “I think that sounds like our best angle, don’t you? The websites themselves feel like a dead-end.”

“Are you nuts? They’re hurting those women!” Dylan protested.

“Those women are willing sex workers.” Lukus countered.


Jake Davenport is still on the loose, and Lukus Mitchell and Markus Lambert have had enough. They won’t rest until the sadistic Dom who is threatening their women is behind bars…or dead.  They don’t care which. Lukus assembles a team of his top security personnel and heads to California leaving Markus and Tiffany’s cop brother, Aiden, in Chicago to keep Tiffany and Brianna safe, locked down in the loft at The Punishment Pit.

Derek’s brother Dylan is already there, staking out the predator, feeling helpless as he watches Jake lure innocent women into his nest of consensual, but brutal, sexual websites. When Jake turns his eye to Hannah Martine, Dylan decides he’s done with just watching.

Hannah moved across the country trying to escape the demons of her past, but the fresh start she’s hoping for is cut short when Jake presses her to accept a tempting job that will solve her financial woes. Once he gets her alone, the sadist uses humiliation, drugs and brutal force to try to bend Hannah to his will.

Everything comes to a head when Lukus and the gang realize only someone on the inside can get close enough to collect evidence of the illegal activities needed to put Davenport away. Dylan is furious they are even considering sending the innocent woman he has strong feelings for anywhere near the monster trying to break her.

Will Hannah have the strength to walk back into the demon’s lair? And even if she does, will the threat against Brianna and Tiffany be dissolved? Jake is obsessed with the women from his past, and as authorities close in, he will become desperate for his revenge against Lukus and Markus.

This is Book 4 of Livia Grant’s sexy Passion Series – a roller-coaster of suspense, emotion, heartfelt love and darkest desires.


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Taking Your Dom Home – Part Two #6BestHop #BDSM #18+

Six of the Best-450-1

Welcome back to the new #6BestHop blog hop.  If you missed last week’s post, you might want to start here to find out the ingenious idea Lukus has come up with to keep Tiffany calm as she takes her Dom home to meet her huge family for the first time.    I’m continuing with a snippet from the following scene from Lukus’ POV.  As you will see, things are not going very well when Lukus is left alone with the O’Sullivan men while the women are at a bridal shower.  Tiffany’s family is a tad bit protective of her when they find out her boyfriend is a Dom who owns a BDSM sex club.


Lukus tries to defuse the situation. “I think everyone should calm down. Let’s go back to the house and talk about this, man to man.”

Colin surprises him by jumping into the fray. “I think my dad and Aiden are right. You should leave now. We’ll make sure Tiffany makes it home safely, although maybe it’s best if she stays here for a while where we can take care of her better than she’s been taking care of herself.”

Lukus takes a deep breath. “Tiffany isn’t taking care of herself. That’s my job now.”

“All the more reason for her to stay. She obviously doesn’t have enough sense to avoid abusive criminals. I’m going to move her in with me when we get back to Chicago and if you even try to get near her, I’ll have you arrested.” Aiden’s voice is threatening.

Lukus chokes out an angry laugh. “Arrested for what? Falling in love?”

Aiden is up in his face. “Don’t pretend with me. I know what kind of sick and depraved shit goes on at that club of yours. I read the police report of the innocent women you abused and raped, and those are just the ones brave enough to report the crime. I’ve interviewed others who talk about how you beat women nightly. As soon as Tiffany learns what kind of a man you are, she’s going to dump you anyway. I’m just saving her from having to experience your flavor of abuse first hand.”

Lukus has had enough. Grabbing Aiden by the scruff of his shirt, he lifts him completely off the ground, slamming him against the wall of the nearby boathouse, bringing their faces to the same height. “I think you’d better get your fucking facts straight,” he snarls.

Aiden doesn’t flinch. In fact, he’s getting madder by the minute. “So you deny being arrested?”

Through all the years of his legal troubles, Lukus has never felt angrier at the charges against him than he does at this minute. “I don’t deny being arrested, but if you’re gonna tell the story, tell the whole story. My business partner and I were arrested, but the criminal case was thrown out almost immediately for lack of evidence against us. Then, six weeks ago, the civil suit was also thrown out when the court found in my favor. I’ve been fully exonerated.”

“Are you denying that you beat those women?”

“Hell yes, I’m denying I beat them.” Lukus wishes he could leave it at that, but knows he can’t. “What I did to them was punish them according to the contract they signed with their Doms when they joined the club. I did to them what they had witnessed me do to dozens of other women before them – things they had even enjoyed watching.”

It’s Tiff’s father who speaks from behind him. “So it’s true. You’re a sicko who owns a sex club where you hurt women?”

Lukus lowers Aiden’s feet to the wooden pier so he can turn to address Tiffany’s father. “I do own a sex club, yes. And I guess you’re allowed your opinion on if I’m a sicko or not. All I can say to you is that I love your daughter, sir.”

It’s Aiden in his face, shouting again. “Men like you don’t know how to love a woman like my sister. You use women. I don’t know what you have over her, but you need to walk away from her before she gets hurt.”

“You don’t think me just leaving her here without even saying goodbye is going to hurt her?” Lukus asks.

“She’ll get over it, and you know what the hell I mean. She needs to get away from you before she gets hurt, physically.”

Lukus is so close to throwing punches he takes a deep breath to remain calm. “I would rather cut my right arm off than ever let anything bad happen to Tiffany.”

Colin, the voice of reason, steps into the fray, pushing the two men apart. “All right, I think everyone should calm down. Let’s try to sort this out like civilized men.”

Aiden almost spits in Lukus’s face. “That assumes he is a civilized man. From what I’ve dug up, he’s more like a monster, hurting women on stage and trying to call it entertainment. Tiffany is going to freak out when she learns the truth.”

Lukus knows he should keep his mouth shut. She’d be upset if she was here, but he has no choice. He can’t allow Aiden to stay in the dark. “Tiffany has known the truth about the club from the very first day I met her. Our first night together was at the club. She’s been to many shows with me and is intimately aware of what happens there, both on and off stage.”

The blood drains from Aiden’s face. He looks like he’s going to be sick, and Lukus immediately regrets his outburst.

“I don’t believe you,” Aiden can only whisper.

“Listen, these are private matters between Tiffany and me. You’re just going to have to believe me when I say that I love your sister and I would go to my grave to keep her happy and safe. That needs to be good enough.”

It’s her dad who pipes in next. “You’ll never be good enough for my Tiffy.”


HavingItAll2 640x480

Buy it now:  Amazon  |  Blushing Books  | B & N


Lukus Mitchell is the owner of The Punishment Pit, Chicago’s top BDSM club. As the Master’s Master, he has enjoyed his freedom to play with a stable of subs over the years. He’s never contemplated settling down before, but is growing increasingly bored of the meek, pliant submissives who fail to challenge him.

Then he meets Tiffany O’Sullivan, a beautiful BDSM novice who has always yearned to explore her edgy dreams of submission, but whose sassy mouth always seems to land her in trouble.

Their attraction to each other is intense and immediate, but Tiffany challenges her new Dom like never before. They may start out at opposite ends of a BDSM tug-o-war, but can they meet somewhere in the middle—and if they do, can they both find happiness with the compromise?

Meanwhile, their best friends, Brianna and Markus Lambert, are still reconnecting after a recent event which almost ended their marriage. As awful as it was, it made them both realize not only how much they love each other, but also how important it is to share your darkest desires with your spouse.

Markus is more than willing to accommodate Brianna’s desire to be dominated in the bedroom, yet the couple has more than a few growing pains to work through as the dynamics of their marriage change from vanilla to D/s, with a sprinkle of DD.

Not content with almost having wrecked the Lamberts’ marriage and threatened Tiffany, Jake Davenport remains a threat in the two couples’ lives and relationships, and Lukus soon discovers that Brianna and Tiffany aren’t the only women Jake is targeting.

Can Tiffany find the strength to overcome her fears in order to let Lukus love her not only as a woman, but as his submissive?

Can Lukus deal with the way his new love challenges him at every turn, forcing him to confront fears he never even knew he had?

Can Markus and Lukus protect the women they love when Jake gets too close for comfort?

Find out in this, the third book in the Passion series. With the characters from previous books which readers have come to know and love, as well as introducing new ones, this is a fast-paced, intensely sexy, edgy and emotional story that combines humor, drama, friendship and romance in the way Livia Grant fans have come to expect, and new readers are sure to enjoy.


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