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F=Farm Fresh

Frank sat behind his desk, his fingers thrumming forcefully as he waited for his fiancé to get home from her fast and loose shopping spree.   He’d been fighting down his fury since First National had phoned to ask if the frequent credit card charges at the local mall were his, or the result of a stolen or lost card.

Before he freaked out he decided to first use a free app on his phone to find Felicity, not sure if he was hoping to find her or a crook having a field day with his card.  He was unfortunately not surprised to confirm she was at her favorite store that very minute, filling bags with more finery.

He was at his wit’s end with Felicity’s foolhardy spending habits.   His cock flared flush against the fly of his jeans while he thought of his faithful yet fiery fiancé. If ever there were a female who needed to be folded over a knee and flogged, it was his Felicity. He felt forced to wait until after their fall wedding to take her and her wayward spending habits in hand, but after finding five-hundred more dollars gone in one morning, Frank knew he was failing his future bride by not disciplining her bare ass on a regular basis.

He heard the front door open and close followed by her fashion footwear clicking across the hardwood flooring. She was no-doubt on her way to try to hide her forbidden loot under their four-poster bed. She didn’t know her fiancé had found her hiding spot, and had filled a large bag with items for her to return the following day.

He heard her feminine shriek as she found that the jig was up.   He had to wait only a few minutes before she found him, still sitting behind his massive desk.   He didn’t flinch when he met her frigid mask.

She launched into the fray without so much as a simple hello. “Frank, something is wrong. I had to come home early because my card stopped working while I was at Florentines.”

He forced even breaths to remain calm. “Hello to you too, Felicity.   And for the record, your card stopped working because your fiancé has officially had enough of your frequent flurries of spending.” He shook his finger at her like the naughty girl she was. “There is only one more shopping spree you are going to go on before you find yourself unable to sit on that fine ass of yours for the next few days.”

Frank stood, frightening her with his fast action.   Felicity flinched in fear when she realized he was headed straight for her, but he was able to press her flush against the frame of the door as he folded her into his arms.   He had a love/hate relationship with the fire in her eyes. He never wanted to fully douse the flame that made her challenge him, yet his bank account needed him to fix this particular faulty habit of hers.

She tried to look away, but his finger held her facing him. “Now, here is what is going to happen, Felicity. Change those ridiculously high shoes into your flip-flops. We are walking down to the Farmer’s Market before they are finished for the day.”

He saw surprise flit through her eyes. He knew she thought she’d won this round of their fun dance, but she was about to find out how wrong she was.

The walk to the Front Street market was quick. Frank held her hand, dragging her to the one particular stall he knew stocked the particular food he was looking for. There was another couple already there, filling their flimsy box with some of the same fruits and vegetables Frank planned on buying. The young woman’s face flushed with embarrassment when Frank nodded to her husband as if to give his stamp of approval on the purchases.

After the young couple left the farmer gave his attention to Frank and Felicity. The flick of humor in his eyes told Frank he enjoyed his job very much.   Felicity had stepped away to fondle some fruit when she abruptly stopped.   He saw her eyeing up the strange selection, becoming more frazzled as the farmer spoke to Frank.

“And what can I do for you fine folks today?”

Frank responded, forcing his smile down to sound as fierce as possible. “My fiancé here thought it would be a good idea to fill the credit card with foolish purchases this morning. We’re here to purchase some fresh ingredients that I hope will curb her spending in the future.”

The fellow grinned knowingly as Felicity flushed crimson. “I do have several items female customers tend to hate.” He reached for the largest clump of ginger root Frank had ever seen, and held it up for inspection. “Take this beauty, for instance. I grew it fresh in the greenhouse on my farm.   I guarantee it will provide a figging like your little lady has never been forced to endure.   My wife can personally attest to its fiery punch. Once you fill your filly with this farm fresh ginger root you’ll have her falling all over herself apologizing for her wrong doings.   It also has the wonderful side-effect of turning even the most frigid of fillies into fidgeting hussies, flailing their fannies about as you blister their ass red. If you decide to forgive her, I also guarantee she’ll be ready to f… – well, maybe I’d better let you figure that part on your own.”

Frank watched Felicity carefully during the farmer’s raunchy speech. Her eyes fluttered in disbelief, yet she stood frozen, not running away in fear, which he figured a good sign.

“Felicity, take the fibrous fruit from the man and tell him thank you.”

She flushed another shade of rosy red, flashing her fiancé daggers.   Her voice fluttered. “Please, Frank. Forgive me. You’ve made your point with the threat of a figging.”

“Sorry you feel this was a simple threat. Your ass is about to find out just how serious I am about you learning to curb your spending.” Frank held the heavy fruit, his eyes on the foxy lady he loved with all his heart while he spoke to the farmer. “We’ll take this one and four others just like it. I have a feeling that my beautiful fiancé here is going to need a few days of figging before she figures out how serious I am.”

“Oh, fuck,” was her only reply.

“Oh baby, never fear.   There will be plenty of that kind of fun too.”

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