U=The Perils of an Unconventional Wife #SpankA2Z #NSFW


Welcome back to the Spanking A to Z Blog challenge.  My challenge this month is to write an erotic short story for each letter of the alphabet where the trick is to include one word that starts with the letter of the day. I’ve had so much fun playing with sub-genres that I have never written in before like historical, cowboys, femdom/revenge and even sci-fi.

A huge shout out of thanks to Sophie Kisker who drew the short straw on editing today. I must say that I have the best author friends ever as so many in my close circle have helped me this month. I love what a close knit community we have.

U is for The Perils of an Unconventional Wife

Ursula waited anxiously to exit the city bus.  She was surrounded by uptight working men making their way home to their obedient little wives who probably already had dinner ready and on the table.  Not for the first time, she cursed the luck of living in a society where husbands weren’t happy unless their women were waiting at the door with their slippers and the newspaper, ready to serve the master of the home in any way he required.

She didn’t miss the usual dirty stares as they watched the attractive young woman exiting the bus.   Had she merely been in her pencil skirt, high heels, and flowered blouse, they might have ogled her unquestioningly.  That she wore a wedding band branded her an unconventional wife of the 1950’s.  Working wives were close to unheard of in their small southern town of Uttera.

Ursula was filled with unease as she checked the time on the dainty watch her uncle had given her for her high school graduation three years before.   She may be married to a slightly more progressive university professor, but even Robert had his limits of what he would overlook.   The fact that his Uncle John was unhappy with the liberties his nephew gave his young bride had been wrecking havoc on Ursula’s new marriage union.

The walk to their comfortable home just north of uptown took longer than she wanted.  She’d planned to arrive home before her husband to tend to the breakfast mess she’d left behind in order to rush out to work a double shift at the unmentionables counter at Macy’s department store.  It wasn’t her dream job of teaching, but she had begged to keep working for a while, knowing she’d be unable to work outside the home once children came.

His car was already in the driveway under the carport when she rounded the corner, making her worried about how much trouble she might be in.

Ursula painted on an upbeat smile and entered through the back door, hoping to slip into the messy kitchen unseen.  She was greeted with the unabashed anger of her waiting husband.  The uncharacteristic fire shining from his eyes alarmed her.

“Where the hell have you been, Ursula?  I got home an hour ago, expecting to spend time with my wife, but instead, I was greeted by a kitchen turned upside down with dirty breakfast dishes and a bedroom with an unmade bed!  This is unacceptable behavior!”

Her loving husband had never unleashed his anger on her even once in the three months they’d been married.  She’d been so happy that he’d been accepting of her working, but she suddenly felt her freedom unraveling.   “Robert, you don’t understand.  I got called in to work early today to cover for Mrs. Umbridge who was feeling under the weather.  I expected to be home in time to complete my usual chores and fix dinner.”

“Unbelievable – You were gone all day?”

“Yes, but like I said, I’ll work on my usual chores…”

He cut her off, “Uncle John was right. He told me I was being too understanding – that you’d put the work outside the home before your responsibilities to your husband.”

“Now you’re talking utter nonsense. I’m a few minutes late one day and you turn into this unreasonable kind of husband.”

Robert’s face was turning an ugly red color he was so upset. “How easily you forget, Ursula. You’ve been late at least once a week since you took the job uptown. More importantly, you made promises to me and those promises are going unkept.   Well, you may be unwilling to keep your promises to me, but I certainly am going to keep mine to you.   Do you recall the consequences you agreed to before we were united in marriage?”

The stern tone of his voice was unlike anything he had ever used with Ursula before. A strange mix of unexpected fear and excitement washed over her as she stood wilting before her husband.

When she was unable to speak, he prodded her again, “Well, young lady, you’ve finally pushed me so far that I’m unable to shirk my husbandly duties until you understand exactly how upset I am with your lack of dedication to our marriage.”

That sounded unusually ominous. “Robert, I understand you’re upset and I apologize, but please, don’t overreact.” She moved across the kitchen as if she would be starting dinner, but he approached from behind, trapping her body between the counter and his unforgiving muscular chest.

The undertone of his deep voice as he took her in hand for the first time had Ursula grateful his body pressing her was keeping her on her feet.

“You’ve earned yourself your first punishment, Ursula, and I want to get it done and over with so it will be unquestionably clear to you what I expect from you, my dear.   Now… go upstairs to our bedroom… get completely undressed… naked… and stand in the corner waiting for me to cool down before coming up to deliver your punishment.”

She shook from the utter fear his words inspired.  “Honey, I can see you’re undoubtedly upset, but I promise…”

He cut in, leaving her sentence unfinished. “I’m unaffected by your promises, Ursula. Until your actions match your words, we’re going to do things my way. You have unwittingly pushed me too far and now I plan to show you I am a man of my word. Upstairs – now!”

He stepped away, freeing her to turn and run upstairs as fast as her wobbly legs could carry her.   Unshed tears clouded her vision as she made her way to their bedroom. Once there, she slammed the door, and unleashed her tears in full force, throwing herself down on the messed up bed, a reminder of why her husband was so unhappy.

She cried out her upset anger until she had no tears left. The only thing remaining was the unbearable guilt of angering her usually even keeled husband. She was just about to stand and undress when Robert entered, his eyes looking at her in unbelief as he realized she had not obeyed.

She scrambled to the corner, pulling her blouse up and over her shoulders before unzipping her skirt and letting it fall to the floor.

“I’m adding on to your punishment for underestimating just how serious I was with my directions, wife.   Pull those undies down and leave them at your knees. Open your legs to keep your underwear from falling to your ankles. Chest out, arms up with your hands locked behind your neck. I’m going to sit here and watch your uncovered bottom waiting to be spanked.”

She scrambled to do as he asked, ultimately hoping if she obeyed, he would calm down and let her off with a warning.   Ten unending minutes later, her arms ached, her pussy pulsed and her unhappy husband was calling her to him.

Ursula waddled from the corner to stand near her husband as he sat on the end of the bed, her heavy, square, wooden hairbrush in his right hand. Their eyes locked and she knew better than to try to usurp his power. He had made up his mind. His anger was about to be unleashed on her bottom.

She didn’t speak… there was no use in trying to talk him out of it. She fought down the urge to run from the room, instead draping herself across his lap, placing her head towards the floor, tipping herself upside down while letting her legs hang down on his right side. He wasted no time in making sure her legs would remain unmovable by wrapping his right leg around hers.

He started immediately, laying his palm hard against her upturned ass. The punishment hurt from the first strike, urging her to struggle to be free.   It only got worse when he picked up the unforgivingly hard paddle hairbrush and started to paint her bottom red until it was covered with splotchy, rosy patches.

“Uh-no!   Please, I’m sorry you’re so upset, but I can’t take any more.”

“You can and you will take an untold number of strokes until I’m convinced you are paying attention. Let’s review, shall we Ursula? I expect you to work no more than fifteen hours per week at the unmentionables counter. You need to leave plenty of time for the upkeep of our home and for ensuring you’re here long before I come home so you’re well rested and have dinner on the table or we will be meeting upstairs exactly like this each and every night until you understand.”

Ursula could barely concentrate on his ultimatum with the unspeakable pain radiating from her upturned bottom. Her unhappy husband was lighting into her ass unlike anything she thought was ever a remote possibility. Her brain told her to fight her fate, but the cream seeping from her uncovered pussy as Robert upheld his promise by lighting into her sit spots until she screamed for his mercy.

“Ouchy – please… I urge you to stop…”

She was sure her bottom globes must have ugly bruised splotches of fire by the time her unflappable husband set the brush down on the bed.   Robert helped her upright before pulling her to sit in his lap. She uttered a groan of pain when her punished skin rubbed his wool slacks, yet she snuggled into his arms, feeling unusually close to her husband.   The swell of his manly cock under her hot bottom urged her to move in for a kiss.

Next thing Ursula knew, she was on her back on the bed with Robert above her, unzipping his fly and pulling out his hard, uncut cock.   Their eyes locked as he thrust into her cunny, impaling himself balls deep and then setting an unbelievably fast pace, dominating her body as he rode her in a way that was unlike anything they had ever shared together.   Ursula and Robert were in uncharted territory for their young marriage, but she prayed this became their usual form of lovemaking.

Only when they had each reached their ultimate orgasms did her husband remove himself, pulling her into his arms and rolling until she lay comfortably under his arm.

She was about to doze off with a nap, when Robert reminded her, “I don’t mind being married to an unconventional woman who works outside of the home, Ursula. I’m only going to urge you to keep your promises of not working too much and always putting the upkeep of our home and marriage first. Understand?”

“Yes, sir – I don’t think that’s too unreasonable.”

“I hope not, or you better get used to our new usual activity when I come home.”

As Ursula drifted off to sleep, she wondered what reason she could come up with for being late again tomorrow.


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P=The Pirate’s Prized Possession #SpankA2Z #NSFW


Welcome back to the Spanking A to Z blog hop and my challenge to write an original free erotic short for each letter of the alphabet. The catch is every single sentence must have at least one word in it that starts with that day’s letter.  Don’t miss the chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card. Check out the info at the end of the post.

P is for The Pirate’s Prized Possession

“Good people of The Phineas, I suggest you present yourself above deck, and pronto. My captain expects your full cooperation as we board and plunder your fine vessel.   We’d have you show yourself on the promenade at once, and no one need be injured.” The loud pronouncement burst from the paunchy pirate who had dared to board their ship.

Penelope found it hard to breath as she did her best to hold perfectly still in her hiding place.   She’d already earned a punishment from her protective father for secretly boarding one of his merchant ships sailing for the America’s without his knowledge. She hated that the pirates presently detaining them had proven her father had been right that the voyage was too dangerous for his only daughter.

Papa had left Penny behind in their peaceful London home as a precaution when he’d set sail for their plantation in the America’s the month before.   She’d protested being left behind like a child, and when the opportunity presented itself to pursue her father on another of his many merchant ships, she’d disguised herself and purchased a one-way passage.

The pounding of a pair of heavy boots came close to her hiding place tucked under a stairway.   She said a prayer that the pirates would quickly take their prize merchandise and leave the people aboard unharmed. The shouts of crewmen fighting to protect the ship could be heard in the distance.

She screamed when a large hand plunged into her hiding place, pulling her to her feet and dragging her into the open gangway.

“Looky what I found – a pretty little morsel. Captain promised we’d get to keep our first choice of loot. I’d planned on finding me some gold, but me thinks your prime little pussy might just be too tempting to pass up.”

Penny’s pulse pounded in her ears at the course language of the pirate. She prided herself on her worldly ways, having traveled with her only parent frequently as she was growing up, but she was alarmed at the ominous words from the seedy pirate presently mauling her body with his filthy hands.

“Unhand me at once, you pathetic piece of…” Penny didn’t get to finish her insult before she was flung over the shoulder of the paunchy sailor who smelled like putrid fish. She snapped her mouth closed and held her breath as long as she could to avoid his particular aroma.  Her palms pelted against his broad back as hard as possible, but proved to be a pathetic attempt at escape.

Once on deck, the sounds of the remaining pockets of resistance by the crew of The Phineas could be heard. Her captor plopped her down hard on her ass, and she found herself huddled next to several other paying passengers who’d been caught up in the theft at high sea.   She was suddenly grateful that she’d dressed plainly and revealed her true identity to no one on board. With luck, the pirates would never know the daughter of the rich and powerful Lord Pinkerton was among their hostages.

Eventually the last of the resistance died down after several pistols were produced. The crew and passengers had been rounded up on deck. The men who might pose a threat had been tied, while the half dozen women traveling aboard The Phineas huddled together.

Penny had hoped the loot onboard would distract her personal pirate, but he had volunteered to guard the prisoners so he could keep an eye on his prize… Penny. The sneer on his pockmarked face as he boldly leered at her made her uncomfortable.

It only took the pirates an hour to transfer her father’s precious cargo from The Phineas to their waiting ship, The Phantom.   Anger percolated up in her as she watched the merchandise her father had worked hard to procure be stolen by unscrupulous thieves.   It took all her self-control to hold her tongue as she listened to the pirates joking jovially as if they were at play.

Finally, they finished and shouted their victory while calling all of the men back to their now heavy-laden ship.   Penelope screamed when the pirate who’d staked his claim on her plucked her up by her hair and began pulling her behind him towards The Phantom.

“Let me go, you filthy pig! You and your friends plundered the ship of its wares. Now leave us in peace and be on your way.”

“Nay, you be coming with me, and I plan on doing my plundering of you.”

Penny fought him, but he was too strong.   He had already dragged her across the wide plank connecting the two anchored ships by the time she resorted to biting his meaty hand grasping her wrist in an attempt to flee.   Her captor released her long enough to backhand her hard across her cheek, propelling her through the air and straight into the arms of another pirate.

Pain burst across her face as she saw stars from the blow.   She felt her legs giving way under her as she fought the urge to purge the contents of her stomach as nausea consumed her. She’d have collapsed in a pile to the deck were it not for the strong arms holding her tightly. Even in her delirious state, she felt the powerful muscles of the hard body enveloping her.

The new pirate scooped her into his arms, and peered down at her with a look of concern in his piercing green eyes. A jolt of recognition pelted her just before she lost consciousness.   Everything was fading to black as she pondered why those eyes look so familiar.


Sir Patrick Landon, otherwise known to the crew of The Phantom as Captain, couldn’t believe his luck. What were the chances that Lord Pinkerton’s own daughter would literally fall into his arms?

As the bastard son of the Earl of Edinburgh, Patrick learned early in life that he’d have to make his own way.   While his father had discreetly provided for his mistress and illegitimate son, Patrick had never been truly accepted into the polite London ton with it’s frequent balls and other social events.

As he got older, the discrimination of the pompous people of London had spurred him to not only shun most social engagements when he was in town, but more importantly, their persecution drove him to his double life – plundering from the very rich who shunned him. He took great joy in his private revenge by targeting the richest and most powerful.

He’d done his homework on Lord Pinkerton, taking the time to meet him and his daughter, Penelope, at a recent ball. He’d been dreaming of the pretty debutant with the long dark hair and unique lavender eyes nightly ever since.   It was perverse luck that he now held the precise woman of his dreams in his arms.

“What is the meaning of capturing this petite hostage, Peterson?”

Patrick wanted to punch out the grotesque sailor who’d dared to raise a fist to the face of a pure woman like Penelope Pinkerton. When the pirate didn’t answer his probing question, Patrick got more aggressive. “I suggest you be more prompt with your reply or I’ll call for the master of arms and have you publicly flogged. For what purpose was this woman brought aboard The Phantom and more importantly, what made you think striking her face was proper?”

Peterson stammered his response, clearly intimated by the pirate captain. “Begging your pardon, cap’tin, but you yerself told us we got our pick of the prizes for payment. I saw this beauty and knew I wanted to poke my stick in her puss, if you know what I mean, sir.”

An instant urge to poke his own sharp sword through the paunchy gut of the man in front of him proved how off base Patrick was at the prospect of holding a passed out Penelope Pinkerton in his arms.

Patrick had to get rid of the sailor. “This woman is not available as a prize. I suggest you go to the hold where you can choose another prize. This one is off limits.”

“That’s not fair, cap’tain Patrick!”

“I decide what’s fair, now be gone to plunder elsewhere.”

For a few seconds, Patrick thought he might have to fight the older man until he finally slinked off to pout.

He took his hostage straight down to his cabin, locking the heavy wood door behind him just as he felt Penelope beginning to stir.

Conflicting emotions played through his heart and brain. Part of him wanted to protect her, even from himself and his crew. He was certain she was an innocent and the gentleman in him wanted to treat her like precious cargo.

The pirate part of him, however, couldn’t wait to bare her bottom and place his palm down hard until her arse was pink and hot as punishment for putting her life in danger by sailing unprotected.   It would be impossible to pass up the unique opportunity her presence presented.

When her violet eyes fluttered open, Patrick knew she recognized him just as he had her.

“Oh thank heavens you were here to protect me, Sir Landon!   I’ll be sure to advise my father of the service you provided me in my time of need.   How ever did you defeat the pirates who dared to rob from my father?”

Her lavender eyes shone with her gratitude. Patrick hated to ruin her favorable view of him so he went on defense.   “What is wrong with your father sending his only daughter alone and without protection across the Atlantic?   You could have been passed around to the crew and injured.”

Her petite hand flew to her swollen cheek.   “I was injured, but gratefully you prevented it from escalating.” He pinned her with his best dominant stare until she spilled the answer he’d been waiting for. “I’d appreciate it if you hold the details of today’s precarious events close to your chest, kind sir. My father is not aware of my whereabouts and I would very much like to avoid him finding out if possible.”

He poked for more information. “How is this possible? Your father was not aboard The Phineas?”

“No.” Her violet eyes began to peer into his own with a newfound skepticism.   “But you should have known that if you’d been on board, which you certainly were not as I did not see you even once above deck since we left port. That means….”

She was not only pretty, but intelligent too. He watched her piece together the truth. “Oh God, you’re a pirate!”

“Nay, Miss Pinkerton. I’m the pirate. Captain Patrick Landon at your service.   As captain of this vessel, I declare you under my protection. That means no harm will come to you without my express permission.”

When she moved to bite him as she had the other pirate, he completed his thought. “As a gentleman, however, it also means that it will fall to me to punish your bare bottom for defying your father and putting your life in danger for sneaking aboard The Phineas.   It’s the least I can do for your papa since he’s not here.”

“How dare you play at such a threat?” The adorable blush on her cheeks pushed him forward.

Patrick moved quickly to sit on the high-backed chair at his nearby desk as he pulled a screeching Penny unceremoniously across his lap.

“I think you’d better start praying, because I’m not playing. If I hadn’t been here, you’d be up on deck, striped bare and sullied for life. Be grateful I’m also a gentleman who will be satisfied with merely putting rosy red patches on your bare bottom.”

She wiggled like a wildcat to be free, but he easily over-powered her. Within a minute he had her subdued, her long locks dragging on the wood floor on one side and her pretty, slippered feet dangling on the other side. Patrick locked her legs down with his own right leg to ensure she couldn’t escape as he lifted the dark purple gown to expose her perfect, intimate clothes.   His cock stiffened, poking his captive as he pulled her panties down, giving him his first peek at her perfect ass.

She moaned with pleasure as he massaged her bottom, putting her at ease right up until his palm crashed down hard, marking her pale skin.   Her pitiful groans of embarrassment laced with pain stirred his cock to full mast.   The punishment continued hard and fast until Penny went limp over his lap in her submission. Her shouts turned to whimpers as her breathing became hitched as she struggled with the pain and humiliation of her discipline session.

Patrick didn’t stop until her bare bottom was hot to the touch. He pushed down the desire to run his digits through her private lady parts, yet he patted her bottom gently as she calmed.

He finally righted her, placing her tender naked flesh on the rough wool of his breeches.   Patrick pulled her close, enjoying the intimate embrace as she calmed.

“Now, young lady, how do you suppose I’m to return you to your proper station without being purposefully identified as a pirate?”

He wasn’t sure he liked the perfectly naughty smile creeping across Penelope’s face.   “I propose you keep me aboard your pirate ship, for if you return me to shore, I promise to identify you before nightfall and have you thrown into prison!”

Patrick weighed his options, taking into consideration the look of mischief in her beautiful eyes.   In the end, he had only one solution – placing her back over his knee to try to spank some sense into her.

Keeping Penelope aboard was what he called a win-win situation. He had a ship heavy with his plundered treasure and a beautiful woman he looked forward to persuading he wasn’t the bad guy.

Patrick wasn’t sure he would succeed, but he eagerly looked forward to the challenge.


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K=The Kinky Knight #SpankA2Z #NSFW


Welcome back to the A to Z blog hop and my challenge to write an original free erotic short for each letter of the alphabet (fair warning, I may skip one or two letters – is that cheating?) The catch is every single sentence must have a least one word in it that starts with that day’s letter.   Anyone else surprised to see me still chugging along without missing a letter (yet)?  I am starting to feel like I’m back in college having to cram for finals over and over every night as I’m trying to stay ahead of the challenge. 🙂

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K is for The Kinky Knight

“Kindly unhand me, sir. I’d rather ride my own horse, Killian, than be cooped up in the carriage with Mrs. Cook.”

Kieran watched the beautiful, but headstrong, Kaitlin Karrington berating the poor driver who was trying to escort her to the luxurious carriage. Lord Karrington, her father, stood next to him shaking his head in defeat.

“I’ve failed as a father, Sir Kieran.   I know it now when ‘tis too late. I spoiled her terribly when I should have been stern. She’s such a lovely and intelligent lass, but she’s run off every possible suitor with her progressive ideas and a tongue that can cut like a knife.   I have no choice but to send her to my kin in Killarney where she can hopefully win a match before she becomes a spinster.”

Kieran chuckled at his friend’s exaggeration. “She’s hardly a spinster, Keagan. She’s one and twenty and all she truly needs is some time over your knee.”

“Aye, but that keen job will fall to her future husband I’m afraid. I know you’re right, and I pray he will find her soon, and that he isn’t a knave who will truly harm her. Please keep her safe on the journey.”

The young Miss Kaitlin continued to complain as the men observed. “You can count on me, but since she has a knack for getting out of hand, how would you have me handle her outbursts on our travels?”

Kieran suddenly felt the keen stare of his friend, making him uncomfortable. He had been caught observing the beauty while entertaining less than pure thoughts of exactly how he’d like to handle one Kaitlin Karrington.   After all, he’d come by the nickname The Kinky Knight honestly and her father knew it.

When the silence stretched out, Kieran turned to find Lord Karrington grinning at him.   “What?”


He didn’t need his friend to speak – he already knew where this conversation was going and Kieran was having none of it. “Oh no you don’t, Keagan. I hate to be a killjoy here, but in case you forgot, I’m twelve years her senior and a confirmed bachelor. A kinky bachelor at that.   I’m not the knight you seek.   She will find a proper suitor in Killarney.”

“But none as perfect for her as you, Kieran. I know not why I did not see it before. It’s time you settle down – marry and have kids.   My Kaitlin is a beauty and a good match. She needs you to take her in hand and keep her in check.”

Kieran wanted to knock some sense into his friend, but in truth, he’d found himself dreaming of the naughty lass often the last year.   It had not, however, been of her at their marriage altar, but of her naked on her knees before him, his hands knotted through her long locks pulling her open mouth to his cock.

He shook the thoughts of her kinky kisses from his mind. “Nay, Kaitlin deserves a better man than I. I’ll see her safely to Killarney as I’ve promised and no more.”

The disappointment in his friend’s eyes kicked his conscience, but he reminded himself it was for the best.

An hour later, the party took off on their journey, Kaitlin complaining in the carriage while Kieran took the lead on horseback for their small traveling party.   They were only a few dozen kilometers into the trip when a shriek was heard from inside the carriage.   Kieran rushed back to investigate and arrived just as the door to the carriage swung open and an agitated Kaitlin emerged waiting for someone to assist her to the ground.

When the driver did not move fast enough, she knocked on the open door to get his attention. “Hello – kind sir, I’m waiting.” The words may have been polite, but the tone used kept her impatience obvious.

Kieran pulled his steed next to her. “May I ask what is the cause of our delay, Miss Kaitlin?”

“I forgot the key to my knitting case in my trunk. I simply must retrieve the key if I am to be forced to travel in this boring carriage instead of riding astride Killian.”

“We settled this back at your father’s keep. You are a lady and as such, will ride in the carriage where I know you are safe.”

“I am an excellent equestrian, Sir Kieran. In fact I am better at riding than I am at knitting.” The impatient crossing of her arms across her ample breasts kicked Kieran’s libido into high gear as she taunted him.

“That may be, but Lord Karrington has turned your care over to me and therefore I will decide what you will and won’t do until you are safely delivered to your kin.   Now, get your keister back inside so we can continue on our journey.”

Her look of surprised indignation at being told no for the first time kindled his smoldering desire to take her in hand.   He never should have agreed to this favor for Keagan. The longer his naughty charge stared at him expectantly, the harder it became to kill the thoughts of punishing her bare bottom until it was a kermes red.

“You are a real killjoy, you know that? I demand you let me ride Killian this instant.”

“You demand, Kaitlin?   I have news for you, kitten.   I’m not your father who is going to knuckle under to your every whim.”

“How dare you call me your kitten! That is highly improper and I’m going to inform my uncle the minute we arrive in Killarney that you overstepped your authority.”

“Seriously? By simply using a term of endearment for a young woman whom I’ve known her entire life–who I’ve watched grow from an adorable and charming girl into a snotty, obnoxious woman who is in sore need of a good…”

Kaitlin cut him off. “Why I never… Sir Kieran I demand you return me to my father at once so I may report to him your heavy-handed treatment.”

“Oh kitten, you have no idea how heavy my hand really is and it’s itching right now to show you exactly how I want to handle you.”

The blush creeping into her cheeks told Kieran she knew exactly what he was threatening.   He watched her carefully as she began to knead her hands subconsciously.

Sir Kieran was experienced in the ways of sexual power exchange games, demanding partners who would knuckle under to his dominance, yet he had never cared to play the same games outside of the bedroom.   That changed in that long minute when he pinned her with a keen stare and he watched the beauty grappling with her temptation to submit.   A desire to make Kaitlin his own consumed the knight.

He saw the knowing mischief in her eyes before she opened her mouth to intentionally goad him. “You wouldn’t dare, Sir Kieran.”

He grinned, “Oh kitten, it’s time you learned I never turn down a dare.”

It felt like divine karma when he dismounted his own horse to stride and pluck a screeching Kaitlin from the steps of the carriage and throw her over his shoulder. It was time the little hellion learned a lesson in being a lady and she was going to learn it across his knee.

He spotted the nearby downed oak that offered the perfect bench for the knight to deliver the first punishment to the bare bottom of his future wife. She struggled wildly to free herself from his iron grip, which only kindled his desire to tame her.   A half-dozen well-placed smacks to her clothed ass immediately kept her quiet.

She was draped over his left knee, her head near the ground on one side.   He took a deep breath and lifted the heavy skirt of her gown over her back to expose her knickers.   Kieran snuck his fingers into the slit of her drawers to caress her bare bottom first.   He’d half expected her to kick him away, but was encouraged by her embarrassed groan.

Before he lost himself in her beauty, he proceeded with what he knew needed to be done first and foremost in their relationship.   He pulled her drawers open to bare her bottom to his eyes for the first time, locking his right leg over her own legs to keep her from kicking as he got started.

“Now, kitten, you are about to get your first lesson in how I will be handling you should you continue to act the shrew.   You are a beautiful, intelligent woman who I am certain knows that you’ve been acting like a spoiled brat. I expect it will take you some time to learn to curb your sharp tongue to be the kind wife I know you can be.   Lucky for you, I’m going to enjoy these lessons over my knee almost as much as you’re going to hate them.”

Kaitlin craned her neck to peer up at him from below, a hunger in her eyes he hadn’t expected. “Did you say your wife, Sir Kieran?”

“I did, kitten, if you’ll have me.”   When she didn’t answer, Kieran added, “Perhaps you’d better wait to answer until I’m finished with the lesson.”

His hand kneaded her bare ass before bringing his palm down hard. Once he started, he found it easy to keep up the discipline session.   The feel of her milky skin warming under his hand was like a powder keg for him, igniting his desire to consume her in every way possible. The more she struggled to escape, the tighter Kieran held her and he knew she had to feel his rock hard erection growing under her.

From the corner of his eye, he noticed the staff and guards who had been traveling with them to Killarney gathered a respectable distance away to witness their mistress receiving the long overdue spanking.   He couldn’t help but smile when he suspected his friend Lord Karrington had known all along what he was doing when he’d asked Kieran to accompany his daughter on her trip.   He should feel manipulated, but he knew he had needed the knock upside the head to help him wake up to the rare opportunity.

Only when Kaitlin lay limp in her submission, crying out her apologies did he halt her lesson. He lightly caressed her now blistered globes with his knuckles, enjoying her cooing as she calmed.

He helped her right herself, sitting her on the same knee she’d been across before wrapping her in his arms to let her cry on his shoulder. He delivered kisses to her forehead as he pulled the kerchief from his pocket to help her dry the tears from her flushed cheeks.

When she peeked up at him through her thick lashes, he brought his lips to hers in a chaste kiss, forcing himself to kick down his lust.

Placing his knuckle under her chin to raise her to face him, he addressed her rather nervously. “Now I’ll ask again, Kaitlin.   Knowing how I’ll be taking you in hand, will you marry me?”

She faltered, “I need to know… if I say yes… you mean you’ll do that again?”

He grinned. “That was a spanking, and yes kitten, I suspect I’ll do that probably every day in the beginning until you learn I’m not going to put up with your shenanigans. The question is, Kaitlin, can you live with that?”

He hated how vulnerable he suddenly felt knowing his future was in her hands. Kieran knew her father could force her into the match and she’d have no say in the matter.   But the knot in his stomach was confirmation of how important it was to him that Kaitlin came to him voluntarily in spite of, or perhaps because of, the discipline he’d demand.

It was Kaitlin’s turn to grin, a playful smile he hoped to see every day in her eyes. “Sir Kieran, I really am a great equestrian. I demand….”

He didn’t give her a chance to finish her sentence, capturing her lips in the kind of heated kiss a husband claims of his bride.


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G=The Guilty Governess #SpankA2Z #NSFW


Welcome back to the A to Z blog hop today and my challenge to write an original free erotic short for each letter of the alphabet (fair warning, I may skip one or two letters – is that cheating?) The catch is every single sentence must have a least one word in it that starts with that day’s letter. I just hope you all will forgive me if I use the same word a few times due to my alphabetical limitations. 🙂 Don’t miss any of the posts. Sign up on my home page to get alerted when I post a new blog.

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G is for The Guilty Governess

“George, hang on tight,” screamed Gabriella, his governess. “Gertie ran back to grab the ladder near the gazebo. We’ll get you down as soon and when we do I’m going to give that bum of yours a paddling like you’ve never gotten before, young man.”

A barely visible George shouted down to his distraught governess, “But Miss Gabby, I was just trying to grab Gracie’s kitten.   He got stuck up here and couldn’t get himself down.”

Six-year old Gracie stood nearby gazing up at her older brother who was half-way up a giant gray elm. Gabriella’s rambunctious charge was clutching the golden-haired kitten the governor, their father, had given his beloved daughter as a recent birthday gift.

Guilt gnawed at Gabriella that she had allowed the children she was to be guarding get into grave danger.   Not only would the governor sack her if one of the children were hurt, but he technically had the power to send her to the guillotine.  She took comfort that there had been no beheadings in the region for at least a few generations.

Gabby looked back towards the governor’s grand country mansion in time to see Gertie dragging the heavy ladder across the gravel driveway just as the governor’s carriage drove through the main gates.

“He’s going to kill me.”

Gabriella hadn’t realized she had spoken out loud until Gracie placed her tiny hand in her own.   “Don’t worry, Miss Gabby. I promise to tell papa it wasn’t your fault.” Tears were gliding down her adorable cheeks.

Gabriella gently swiped them away. “You aren’t the guilty one here, Gracie. When your father is away I’m your guardian and I should have been watching you and your brother more carefully instead of grading your schoolwork.”

Gracie’s tears grew. “But I love you! I don’t want him to send you away like he did the last governess. We didn’t like her at all. She was old, and always grouchy, but…”

The governess gathered the small girl in her arms to comfort her while all hell broke out around her. Gertie arrived with the ladder, grimacing in pain from her exertion.   High above, George could be heard chiding the kitten for scratching his hand. But all that commotion paled as several armed guards charged across the green lawn towards them, the governor himself on their heels.

Gabriella dared a guarded glance at her handsome employer. A widower since his daughter was born, Governor Grayson employed a small army to care for his home and family while he was often away governing the region.   The grave gleam in his grey eyes as he glowered at her from afar had her knees knocking in fear. She grasped Gracie tightly hoping this wouldn’t be her last hug from the little girl she loved like a daughter.

The guards arrived and setup an ominous circle around the trunk of the giant tree as if they were preparing to grab George from thin air should he fall from the branch above.

Gabriella, hoping to defuse the situation, greeted the powerful man who was nearly upon her. “Welcome home, Governor.   Gracie’s kitten got into trouble, and your brave son decided to rescue it.   Unfortunately, George is now in need of a rescue himself. We were just about to guide them both down to safety. I’m grateful you are here to assist.”

Gregory Grayson glared at the governess until guilt had tears prickling her eyes.   She hated how he could reduce her from a confident, intelligent woman to an unsure young girl with one glance of his smoky grey eyes.   The now familiar flutter in her gut grew as his almost glacial glare conveyed his displeasure at finding his only son in danger on her watch.

“Needless to say, I’m very disappointed with you, Miss Garrington.   I’ll expect you in my study after I see to getting my son out of danger.”

She gulped as her heart thumped hard in her chest at his gruff demand. “Yes, sir.” His eyes flashed with gratification at her submissive response.

Relief gripped Gabriella when he grabbed the wood ladder from Gertie and went to work getting his son down safely.   It took a grand total of five minutes for the good-looking man to complete what would have taken her much longer in her long, satin gown. She held Gracie’s hand as they watched the child’s father take off his suit coat before effortlessly gliding up the ladder to reach his son, and returning them to solid ground.

The governor’s voice was gruff as he addressed his children. “Go to your rooms straight away, both of you. You are both grounded for the rest of the day.” As the kids started to retreat he called after his son, “And George–my strap and I will be around for a visit right after I gather with your governess.”

Gabriella wasn’t sure whose eyes grew bigger at that threat, hers or the young would-be cat rescuer.   At least George was able to escape across the green lawn into the governor’s mansion.   She was forced to wilt under the governor’s glowering gaze.

She snuck a peek through her thick lashes at his good-looking face.   More and more often she found herself daydreaming of her powerful employer with his neatly trimmed, greying goatee. Gabby wished he would gallantly whisk her into his arms and ravage her mouth with glorious kisses.

His voice grounded her. “Fifteen minutes, Miss Garrington. I wouldn’t be late if I were you,” he groused.

Gabby’s voice quavered as she withered before him. “Yes sir, Governor, sir…”

Before she collected herself to try to explain, he had turned towards the mansion and was gliding effortlessly to the front entrance. In the end, it probably didn’t matter since he was surely going to fire her from the first job she’d ever had.


Gregory Grayson paced nervously in his study, in equal measure dreading and anticipating the arrival of one Gabriella Garrington.   Now that his son was safe, his original worry had morphed into an even bigger concern.   Just how was he supposed to discipline the governess when all he really wanted to do was fuck her silly.

For weeks he had been working late, traveling more–anything to avoid confronting his growing attraction to the children’s lovely governess. He told himself he was just lonely and in need of some gratification of an adult nature. But when he was honest with himself he admitted it was her golden locks, gorgeous smile, deep green eyes and good-natured wit that made her the ground for his ungentlemanly thoughts.

Her timid knock on the closed door guided his attention back to the task at hand. “Enter, Miss Garrington.”

‘God help me get through the next few minutes without embarrassing myself.

She glided into the room with a grace most women could never achieve. Since she was ten years his junior, he tried to think of her as a mere girl.   Unfortunately, the mint green gown she changed into highlighted the very grown-up swell of her pert breasts and the glowing heat in her eyes as she gazed at him with a glimmer of emotions were anything but girlish.

They stood stock still letting the silence grow awkward. Gregory knew he should send her away. He would lose control if he proceeded with his original plan to discipline the governess, yet the thought of spanking her bare globes to a rosy pink was too enticing to pass up.

Gabriella broke the spell. “I feel so guilty that George was in danger this afternoon, sir.” Tears spilled down her cheek, gutting him.

He forced himself to maintain his gruff façade. “As you should, Miss Garrington. I believe we agreed in your employment contract that the children’s safety was your primary responsibility. I would say you missed your goal today.”

“I’m sorry, Governor. I promise it was not my intention to put George or Gracie in harms way. I love your children with all my heart,” she gulped with emotion. “I’ll pack my belongings and prepare to go away.”

Until that moment, Gregory thought that was probably best, but seeing her submissive glow blossom under his scrutiny gave him pause.

“Are you trying to goad me? If I wanted you gone I would have simply asked Gertie to assist you in your packing. I believe you care for my children, and they clearly adore you. So, Miss Garrington, I have a different idea of how we will deal with my grievance against you.”

Relief glowed in her green eyes. “That is generous of you, sir.”

“I’d hold your gratitude, Gabriella, until you understand how I plan to deal with today’s gaff.”

The firm knock on the door distracted them from their intense stare. His gentleman’s butler entered, quietly placing a covered silver tray and several long switches on the governor’s desk before turning and exiting without a single word.

Gregory moved behind his large desk, reaching for the thickest of the switches he planned to use to stripe the governess’s bottom.  Propriety called for him to request a chaperone to witness the intimate interaction he planned, but it galled him to be held to ridiculous moral rules he had no tolerance for.

Turning to face the guest to his office he saw genuine fear in her eyes. She gulped for breath, panicking as she realized his plan.

“Come closer and lift your gown to your waist.”   Just uttering his stern order had his groin constricting in his tailored breeches.

“Excuse me, Governor?” Her genuine confusion told him she was an innocent.

“You heard me, Gabriella. Lift your gown above your waist, then step forward to drape your body across my desk. I’m going to deliver a dozen switch strokes to your bare bottom in exchange for allowing you to continue to care for my children.   If you are a good girl and take your punishment all will be forgiven and you can be done with your guilt.”

Her reply was barely a whisper. “And if I refuse to be a good girl?”

He couldn’t help but grin like a cad. “Why don’t you lift the lid to the tray on the desk and discover the gift I’d give you should you choose that path?”

Gabriella tentatively shuffled to the silver tray, lifting the lid to display a thick, fibrous ginger root, already carved into a crude phallic symbol. Her blush started at her milky neck and grew to envelope her gorgeous face.

“But… surely… I mean that is… oh god…”   The more flustered she got, the more Gregory knew he was a goner.   His own heart was beating surely as hard as the governess’s at the thought of his planned intimacy.

“If you’d feel it more appropriate, I can call for Gertie to come and witness your punishment. After all, I don’t want to compromise your good reputation, Miss Garrington.   But let me be clear­–I mean to discipline you so we can move past this entire event and ease you of your guilt. Your only choices are to have a witness to your embarrassing thrashing and to acquiesce with grace to avoid my use of the burning ginger.” He watched her green eyes carefully. “Should I call for Gertie?”

Her eyes glistened as she submitted to him. “No sir.”

“Good girl. Now, come forward and guide yourself across my desk. I’ll take care of your gown.”

He stood grounded, watching her struggling to obey. When she inched forward she glanced at him, her green eyes pleading with him to change his mind. When she stood in front of the desk he nodded, silently goading her into position. With a groan of despair she bent over placing herself across his desk.

Gregory grasped her hands, and extended them above her head to the far side of the desk. “Grab onto the edge of the desk, Gabriella. Don’t let your grip loosen until I tell you we are done.”

“Yes sir, Governor.”

He moved around the desk, enjoying the sight of the young governess laid out before him.   He tentatively grabbed the hem of her gown knowing that the moment he lifted her skirts above her waist their relationship changed forever. This was no mere punishment of a kitchen maid for burnt grub. This would be in intimate affair with a woman he was attracted to at a gut level.  Gregory found it impossible to stop.

His first glimpse of her intimate apparel had his cock growing harder. By the time he had the gown gathered over her back and was reaching for the gape in her drawers, his breathing was almost as constricted as the young governess’.

Baring the milky white globes of her buttocks was like unwrapping a gift.   Her ass was perfectly round, and for the briefest of seconds he considered gliding his fingers through her hidden garden.   He was in no hurry, and he couldn’t resist grazing her ass with his knuckles, helping her relax with a sigh as she laid prone waiting for her punishment.

Gregory grabbed the thickest switch, knowing he couldn’t stall any longer. “As this is your first punishment at my hands I will keep track of the stroke count for you so you can concentrate on why you are getting this beautiful bottom of yours striped. Next time, Gabriella, I’ll expect you to keep count.”

She gasped, “Next time?”

“Oh yes, my dear governess. I believe you are in need of being taken in hand, and lucky for you I will to play that role with glee.”

Gregory swished the long, supple switch through the air, getting the feel of the implement. He took aim and brought the quarter-inch thick tree branch down across the center of her globes. Her gasp confirmed his aim had been true, yet she maintained her prone position perfectly.

He delivered five more strikes using great power, spacing each out by several long seconds until Gabrielle cried out in distress. “Oh god, please stop–I’m so sorry!”

With growing guilt, he delivered the required punishment.   Her growing distress pulled at his heartstrings. He took an intermission to grope the stripes adorning her exposed bottom. When she released her grip on the desk and made to stand, Gregory blanketed his body over her own, pressing them both against the hard top of the desk.

He whispered against her ear, “You’ve been such a good girl so far. We’re halfway done, so don’t make me grab the ginger. I doubt you’d like to add that humiliation to your discipline session, would you Gabriella?”

The feel of her quivering, her smashed body trapped between him and the desk, gave him gratification. “I don’t want the ginger, sir.”

“Good girl.”

The final six strokes reduced his governess to a sobbing mess, emitting gibberish as she somehow maintained her grip of the desk. He couldn’t contain his own growls. The sound of the nature-made punishment device connecting with her naked globes and her vulnerable whimpers bathed the office in a growing sexual tension.

He threw the switch to the floor with gratitude when the thrashing was over. Gregory spent a long minute with his fingers grazing the growing welts painted across her ass. His gut lurched when she turned her tear stained face towards him, her eyes gleaming with the same lust he was sure she saw reflected back at her.

“You can let go of the desk, sweetheart. Your punishment is over and we can get you put back together.”

Each moved in slow motion, Gabriella righting herself, her gown flowing down to hide the body he knew he wanted inside of as soon as possible.   They were mere inches apart yet she refused to look the governor in the eye. Gregory solved that by placing his fingers under her chin, guiding her tear stained face to look at him.

He should have asked, but need gripped him. Incapable of being gentle in his desperation he crashed his mouth down on her trembling lips. Gabriella melted into his arms, grinding her body tight against his. He slid one hand from her waist to her warm buttocks, drawing a gratifying groan from his captive.

Several minutes later, they had to come up for air as their bodies glimmered with sexual need. She broke the silence first, the most beautiful grin on her face.   “Am I forgiven, Governor?”

“Oh yes, you are my good girl. And considering this turn of events, I think it’s time you started to call me, Gregory.”


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