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Masturbation-Monday-header3Hello and welcome newcomers! This is my first time joining the Masturbation Monday blog hop, but I’m hoping it won’t be the last.  Today I’m sharing a fun, sexy scene that takes place backstage at The Punishment Pit, an edgy BDSM club owned by Master Lukus Mitchell in Having it All, book three in the Passion Series.

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The sounds of Stacy gagging while Derek deep-throat fucks her are the last straw. Lukus had been hanging on by a thread, but he needs to be inside Tiff, now. He yanks the ropes on either side and Tiffany’s legs are suddenly free from her restraints. Lukus springs out of their chair, whisking Tiffany up in his arms bride style. He thought he was ready to fuck her in front of the other club members, but when push comes to shove, he knows he’s not ready to share her with them on that level yet.

Dashing around the long bar, and into the dimly lit corridor, he beelines to the back of the house. It’ll have to do.

He sets Tiff on her wobbly legs long enough to unzip and free his cock from its too-tight confines. “Hold on to my shoulders.” He hates hearing his own desperation.

He doesn’t remember ever being this close to the edge in the club, and both loves and hates that this woman in his arms has the ability to push him to a place where he loses control. The urgent need to be inside her is exhilarating, and scary as hell.

He doesn’t need to instruct her. Their fevered eyes are locked; she’s desperate for him, too. Tiff lifts her legs to clamp around his waist, her chest heaving with pent up excitement. Lukus pauses, willing the moment to last as long as he can before thrusting his body forward, sliding his iron-like cock through her slick folds and bottoming out in one violent stroke. His whole body slams into her, knocking them hard against the wall. He pins her there, pulling out and jabbing forward, again and again.

Tiff crying out his name is his final undoing. He latches his open mouth onto her tender neck, sucking hard enough to mark her with a possessive bruise, while his body pistons her warm center so hard and fast, her head bangs against the wall in time to their dirty rhythm. If he were a gentleman, he’d move them somewhere more comfortable and private.

‘No one’s ever confused me with being a gentleman before so I’m not gonna start now.’

He pulls away from her neck just in time to witness her orgasm. He’d been close before. Watching her surrender to ecstasy nearly tips him over his own cliff.

“Tiff, open your eyes. Look at me.”

Her ocean blue eyes flutter open, but are having trouble focusing. “That’s it. I need to look into your eyes as I shoot my cum into a woman’s body for the first time in my life. That’s what you do to me, Tiff. Feel me. All of me.” The joyous look on her face is the last thing he registers as he follows her into the orgasmic haze driven by the hot passion they created together.

They cling to each other during the slow return to reality. Lukus is still catching his breath when he hears someone asking if she can clean him now that he’s done fucking. “I’ll suck you clean just like you like, Master Lukus.”

He sees the pain in Tiffany’s eyes before he registers there’s a house slave kneeling next to them, inches away, expecting to suck his spent cock clean. In fairness, it’s what he’d have expected of her one week before, but not now. Not anymore. He needs to set some clear boundaries right away.

“Leave, Trixie. I don’t need your services. Tiffany is the only one who’ll be servicing me,” he says.

He can see the relief in Tiff’s eyes, followed by her silent mouthing, ‘thank you.’ Unfortunately, Trixie is persistent. “But, Master. Please let me help you. I don’t mind.”

“Fuck. I’m sorry, baby. I need to deal with this,” Lukus tells Tiffany, and pulls himself from her slowly, luxuriating in the feeling of being bareback for the first time ever. As she lowers her feet to the floor, he glances down, and is filled with a savage satisfaction at seeing his white cum dripping down Tiff’s inner thigh. He’s pretty sure he’s the source of the low growl filling the space.

Trixie reaching out to grab his deflating cock brings him back to reality. He steps back just in time to avoid her touch, moving quickly to tuck his sticky cock back in his pants. When he looks down at his house slave, he understands that perhaps Tiffany was onto something when she’d worried about his former subs wanting to push her down a flight of stairs.


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Markus and Brianna continue to work through growing pains as the dynamics of their marriage change from vanilla to D/s, and they begin to explore Brianna’s deep desires.

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