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Welcome back to the Spanking A to Z Blog challenge.  If you are visiting me for the first time, you have some reading to do!  My challenge this month is to write an erotic short story for each letter of the alphabet where the trick is to include one word that starts with the letter of the day.   I’ve had so much fun playing with sub-genres that I have never written in before like historical, cowboys, femdom/revenge and even  sci-fi.

Today is another first for me.  My first menage – M/f/M

A huge shout out of thanks to Christine Hart who drew the short straw on editing today.  I must say that I have the best author friends ever as so many in my close circle have helped me this month.  I love what a close knit community we have.

T is for Tangled Triangle

Trina was miserable. She’d been looking forward to tonight’s Halloween bash at the Texas Tavern for weeks. It was the best costume party in all of Turner, population twenty-five thousand.   Not exactly a booming metropolis, which was normally just how she treasured it.   Recently, things were getting a bit too tight in town to suit her.

Trent returned to her side with her favorite drink, a gin and tonic. She’d have to sip this drink since her new husband didn’t think it was ladylike for her to drink too much alcohol.   If she were lucky, she’d get two drinks, but never three.   Traditionally, that suited her fine, but tonight she suspected she wouldn’t let go of her guilt until she’d hit at least three and felt tipsy.

“Okay, baby, tell me what’s wrong.”   Trent read her as if she were a tarot card.

“It’s nothing life threatening. Work was terrible today is all.”

At least that part was true. She didn’t add on that her old boyfriend, Toby, had strolled into the tanning salon she owned, tattoos and all.   Or that he had taken her in hand, exactly as he had for the two years they dated before he’d taken off for Tampa to open a tattoo parlor with his Uncle Tim.

She’d tried to talk Toby into leaving the minute he arrived, but he’d insisted on talking about how Trent was treating her. He’d bared his heart, telling her he’d made a terrible mistake leaving town. She’d done well telling him off, right up until he touched her, pulling her tightly into his muscular arms for a tongue-filled kiss that had left her thoroughly confused.

She knew before today that she loved two men. It only became a problem when the one who had deserted her returned to try to tempt her into an affair. She’d held tight today, refusing to tolerate Toby’s too-late apology and showing him to the door. The fact that she had trembled for twenty minutes after he left told her how much trouble she was in if Toby chose to stay in Turner.

Trent and Toby had never been friends, but since they had all been in the same class in high school, the men had thrown a few punches as they had each pursued the hottest girl in the class, Trina.

Trent had been the star track and field athlete with terrific grades.  Toby had been the tattooed bad boy who oozed sex appeal.   Trent was gentle and loving to a fault while Toby loved it rough and tumble.  She often wished she could have the two men she loved twisted into one perfect man, but then Toby had left town, clearing the way for Trent to win her hand in marriage. And they were happy – for the most part.

Trina downed her drink and took her husband’s hand nervously. The chances of Toby walking into the tavern tonight were high so the sooner she could convince Trent she was tired and it was time to leave, the better she’d be.

“I know I told you I wanted to come tonight, but I don’t feel well.   Can we go home so I can take a hot bath and call it a night?”

Trent took her hand, “If you’re sure, but I still think you’re hiding something from me.   You know you’ll feel better if you just tell me what it is.”

He was touching a little close to home. “I told you, I’m just tired.”

Trina heaved a sigh of relief when they were safely in Trent’s truck, headed across town to their townhome.   With Toby in town, she knew it would only be a matter of time before her husband put two and two together, but she’d have to deal with that tomorrow.   She had made it through tonight and that was all that mattered.

Trent parked in the garage and they entered through their dark kitchen. Trina didn’t stop to flip on any lights as she headed straight to the bedroom with her husband on her heels. The second she turned on the bedroom lights, she knew her life would never be the same.

Trina stopped dead in the center of the doorway, her heart thumping in her chest as her husband wrapped his arms around her waist to tug her back taut against his chest.   The threatening whisper in her ear had her trembling.

“What’s the matter, Trina? Don’t you like the treat I have waiting for you?”

The treat he spoke of was a bare-chested Toby, lounging in their marital bed as if he’d been invited there. The shit-eating grin on Toby’s face tugged at her heart just as his thick leather belt laying across the end of the bed triggered a full flip-flop of her sexual core as memories of how he’d tan her bottom just before thrusting deep took up residence in her thoughts.   She found it impossible to tear her eyes away from her dominant ex-lover.

Trent was talking in her ear again. “Toby was nice enough to stop by my work today and fill me in on his little visit to the tanning salon.   He also had a crazy proposition for me that at the time I thought was a terrible idea. But the more I’ve thought about it tonight as I’ve watched you lying to me time and again, the more I’ve decided I should take him up on his offer.”

Trina had only caught part of what he had said because her heart was thumping so loud. The tension in the room notched higher as the three occupants stood frozen in place.

It was Toby who took control as he rose gracefully to his feet to move towards her looking like a tiger on the hunt.   She tried to back away, but Trent held her tightly in his arms. Toby crushed her front, sandwiching her between the two important men in her life. Her mind was racing as she tried to make sense of what was happening. Why wasn’t Trent kicking Toby out? How did Toby get in?

The men took pity on her, deciding to fill her in on their twisted plan.

Trent held her immobile, while Toby touched her breasts intimately, tweeking the tips of her nipples.   “Your husband and I have decided that you’ve been a naughty girl, Trina. You remember what happens to naughty girls who tell lies, don’t you, baby?”  Toby was acting as if he still owned her body, roaming his hands across her tummy and down to cup her clothed pussy.

She finally found her voice. “Trent, why is he here? Why are you letting him touch me like this?”

“I’m only letting him finish what he started today at the office – you know, the torrid kiss you forgot to tell me about?”

“I can explain… truly…”

“See here’s the deal, Trina. I love you, but I also know you’ve never really gotten over losing Toby. When he came to talk today, we had a real man to man, trying to figure out what it was you saw in each of us and we think we have it figured out.”

Trina was trembling again.   She didn’t trust her voice, but managed to squeak out, “Do tell.”

It was Toby who took over answering as he started to unzip her flirty skirt while she felt Trent’s hands lifting off her tank top to uncover her taupe bra.   “When we started comparing notes, we finally put it together. I’m certain you love it when I take you in hand to thrash this tight tush of yours just before I thrust deep inside you to ride you nice and hard.   Trent here is just as convinced you love how thoughtful he is with gifts and romantic gestures like taking you out to eat or on long walks in the park.”

Trent took over the talking as he unhooked her bra, while the rest of her clothes were torn from her body by Toby. “So we decided that tonight we’d tag team you to let you know we aren’t going to tolerate you stringing us both along.   I’ve known you haven’t been totally happy and now that Toby is moving back to Turner, I’m not going to look over my shoulder all the time, wondering if he’s fucking my wife while I’m out of town.”

She tried to get a word in to tell her husband she had made a promise and she would honor it, but Toby chose that moment to clamp his mouth down on her left tit, sucking and biting her as if he owned her.   The moan that escaped from her lips had to torment her husband as he held her immobile for her lover.

Trina assumed her marriage was ending as the Trent she knew would never allow Toby to touch her like this. When her husband’s thick fingers traveled down her body to thrust deep inside her wet pussy, she thought she’d died and gone to heaven. The feel of the men’s four hands and two mouths touching and teasing her intimately had her legs wobbling beneath her.

Trina was seconds away from the most explosive orgasm of her life when all touching stopped.   Toby tore her from Trent’s arms to pull her over to the tall, king-sized bed.   She was thrust forward onto her tummy as Trent sat in the middle of the bed, reaching to hold her arms tightly. A moment of panic threatened as she suspected what lay ahead.

Toby confirmed her fears by pulling her naked legs wide, tying her immobile and open across the end of the bed, her ass high in the air.   The clink of his belt buckle brought an involuntary sexual thrill she hadn’t felt since before Toby had left town. She’d pushed down her need for his tough love, but desire flared.

Trent’s terse words drew her attention back. “Look me in the eyes as he thrashes you with his thick belt.   I need to see with my own eyes that what he told me is true; that you need to have your bottom warmed regularly and your pussy ridden long and hard.”

The first lash of his belt landed across her ass, lighting her up with a fire she’d tried to douse in the years he’d been away.   Her eyes clouded over with tears as Toby lit into her bottom, but she managed to hold the intense stare with Trent as her tears tracked down her cheeks.   The fire she saw in his eyes as he watched his wife thrashed threatened to throw her into her first orgasm.   Toby laid down welts across her ass and thighs like he never had before.   He was breathing heavy with his exertion by the time she heard the leather thrown to the floor.

The men worked in unison in a way that made her wonder how much they had preplanned.   Neither tried to comfort her as she lay crying, tied and immobile. Instead, each man quietly undressed, allowing their turgid cocks to spring free.   It felt surreal to have them both together, Trent’s longer cock and Toby’s thicker cock prominently displayed next to each other as the men stared down at their captive, each with an intense, unreadable stare.

Trent called dibs. “I get her pussy – you take her throat. Later we’ll take turns thrusting into her ass in hopes of teaching her a lesson.”

She felt the release of cream between her thighs at her husband’s tormenting words. Her normally gentle man moved quickly to take up his post behind her as Toby crawled onto the bedspread, kneeling in front of her to place his hard cock against her lips.   The men coordinated, each thrusting balls deep in one push, filling Trina with men’s parts.   The torturous scream she managed around Toby’s thick meat was replaced with whimpers of joy as the men rode her to not one, but three orgasms. The smell of sex permeated the air and the slapping of skin formed a naughty rhythm as they fucked her until they each exploded, filling her with their hot cum.

In her trance-like state, Trina was vaguely aware of the four hands working to release her, placing her gently in the middle of the bed. As her heart rate evened out, returning her to reality, she realized the men had sandwiched her between them again, this time in an intimate embrace of lovers.   Toby held her from the back, spooning her against him as Trent snuggled in close to her front, holding her face in his hands.

She had so many questions about how this night had been arranged, but she was too afraid to ask them for fear she’d wake up and have the last glorious hour of her life be merely a dream.   She couldn’t help but become drowsy, snuggled into the arms of the only two men she’d ever loved. She almost missed her husband’s words.

“I guess you were right after all, Toby. She does need a man like you to thrash that naughty little bottom of hers regularly.”

“And you were right, too, Trent.   This snuggling tenderly shit seems pretty nice, too.”

“It’s settled then. I’ll help you move your crap in tomorrow morning and we’ll spend the rest of the day teaching our girl here how things are going to be around here from now on.”

Trina went to sleep dreaming of the thrills that lay ahead.


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