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A new hop! And I’m breaking the rules right out of the gate, but I am posting a scene full of short dialogue clips so it’s hard to say what is around six paragraphs (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

This is a scene from Having it All, a smoking hot BDSM romance that came out in April.  Tiffany is a BDSM novice who fell in love with a Master Dom who owns a sex club.  They’ve fallen in love, but it hasn’t always been easy trying to ‘have it all’.  Tiff is taking Lukus home to meet her family for the first time and she is over-the-top nervous and he has a creative way to make her relax.


A few minutes later they reach the turn off to the smaller road carrying them along the expansive lake. Beautiful wooded lots line the far side of the road. The sun is high in the sky, birds flock near the water, and a moment of peace descends on Tiffany as Lukus caresses her hand. She takes a cleansing breath to calm her nerves.

When Lukus navigates the car off the road and down a short inlet into the forest, she’s surprised. They’re only a few car lengths off the highway, but the dense trees give them a great deal of privacy. He turns off the engine and gazes at her, a playful look on his face. She hopes he stopped for a quickie.

“Why are we stopping here?”

“I’ve been thinking of ways to help you stay calm today. I know you’re nervous and I get it, but there’s no reason for it. I love you. They love you. We’ll work it out, Tiff.”

“I hope you’re right.”

“I am. Trust me. I have an idea to help you stay connected to me,” he says.

She isn’t sure she likes the sound of that.

“I don’t think binding me to you is going to impress them, honey.” He leans over to the glove compartment and takes out a small box that looks vaguely familiar. Her heart lurches when she remembers why. “Oh no, you don’t. I already feel scandalous enough bringing my Dom home to meet the parents. I’m not going to do it with a butt plug shoved up where the sun doesn’t shine.”

His rolling laughter only makes her more angry.  “I mean it, Lukus. No way. No how.”


“Snowball. Red. Butterfly. Stop. No.”

“Really? All of the things we’ve done together, and this is what you’re going to safeword on?” he asks incredulously.



She has no words. He waits. And waits. Eventually, she says, “Shit. I don’t know.”

“Not good enough. You come up with a good reason and I’ll stop, but just being afraid isn’t good enough.”

“Fine. Good girls don’t let their boyfriends shove things in their bottom.”

“Really? How do you know that?”

“Well – everyone knows that.”

“And so you want to be a good girl?” he asks.

“Stop confusing me. Of course I want to be a good girl in the eyes of my parents.”

“Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. So, let’s say I do plug that beautiful ass of yours. Do you think I’m going to bring it up in passing conversation? Hey, Aiden. Can you pass the potatoes? Oh, and by the way, I shoved a nice big plug up your sister’s ass before we got here today.”

He succeeds in getting her to giggle. “You wouldn’t,” she says.

“Oh, baby. Don’t dare me. So, unless your family does full-body cavity searches upon arrival, just how do you think anyone is going to find out?”

Her pulse surges as Lukus plays with her hand; still tight in his grip. “But I’d know.”

“Exactly. And so would I. It’ll be our private secret. Something linking us together from across the room. Hell, even while you’re at the bridal shower, you won’t be able to forget me. Exactly how I want it.”


HavingItAll2 640x480

Lukus always gets what he wants 🙂

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Lukus Mitchell is the owner of The Punishment Pit, Chicago’s top BDSM club. As the Master’s Master, he has enjoyed his freedom to play with a stable of subs over the years. He’s never contemplated settling down before, but is growing increasingly bored of the meek, pliant submissives who fail to challenge him.

Then he meets Tiffany O’Sullivan, a beautiful BDSM novice who has always yearned to explore her edgy dreams of submission, but whose sassy mouth always seems to land her in trouble.

Their attraction to each other is intense and immediate, but Tiffany challenges her new Dom like never before. They may start out at opposite ends of a BDSM tug-o-war, but can they meet somewhere in the middle—and if they do, can they both find happiness with the compromise?

Meanwhile, their best friends, Brianna and Markus Lambert, are still reconnecting after a recent event which almost ended their marriage. As awful as it was, it made them both realize not only how much they love each other, but also how important it is to share your darkest desires with your spouse.

Markus is more than willing to accommodate Brianna’s desire to be dominated in the bedroom, yet the couple has more than a few growing pains to work through as the dynamics of their marriage change from vanilla to D/s, with a sprinkle of DD.

Not content with almost having wrecked the Lamberts’ marriage and threatened Tiffany, Jake Davenport remains a threat in the two couples’ lives and relationships, and Lukus soon discovers that Brianna and Tiffany aren’t the only women Jake is targeting.

Can Tiffany find the strength to overcome her fears in order to let Lukus love her not only as a woman, but as his submissive?

Can Lukus deal with the way his new love challenges him at every turn, forcing him to confront fears he never even knew he had?

Can Markus and Lukus protect the women they love when Jake gets too close for comfort?

Find out in this, the third book in the Passion series. With the characters from previous books which readers have come to know and love, as well as introducing new ones, this is a fast-paced, intensely sexy, edgy and emotional story that combines humor, drama, friendship and romance in the way Livia Grant fans have come to expect, and new readers are sure to enjoy.

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