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G is for The Guilty Governess

“George, hang on tight,” screamed Gabriella, his governess. “Gertie ran back to grab the ladder near the gazebo. We’ll get you down as soon and when we do I’m going to give that bum of yours a paddling like you’ve never gotten before, young man.”

A barely visible George shouted down to his distraught governess, “But Miss Gabby, I was just trying to grab Gracie’s kitten.   He got stuck up here and couldn’t get himself down.”

Six-year old Gracie stood nearby gazing up at her older brother who was half-way up a giant gray elm. Gabriella’s rambunctious charge was clutching the golden-haired kitten the governor, their father, had given his beloved daughter as a recent birthday gift.

Guilt gnawed at Gabriella that she had allowed the children she was to be guarding get into grave danger.   Not only would the governor sack her if one of the children were hurt, but he technically had the power to send her to the guillotine.  She took comfort that there had been no beheadings in the region for at least a few generations.

Gabby looked back towards the governor’s grand country mansion in time to see Gertie dragging the heavy ladder across the gravel driveway just as the governor’s carriage drove through the main gates.

“He’s going to kill me.”

Gabriella hadn’t realized she had spoken out loud until Gracie placed her tiny hand in her own.   “Don’t worry, Miss Gabby. I promise to tell papa it wasn’t your fault.” Tears were gliding down her adorable cheeks.

Gabriella gently swiped them away. “You aren’t the guilty one here, Gracie. When your father is away I’m your guardian and I should have been watching you and your brother more carefully instead of grading your schoolwork.”

Gracie’s tears grew. “But I love you! I don’t want him to send you away like he did the last governess. We didn’t like her at all. She was old, and always grouchy, but…”

The governess gathered the small girl in her arms to comfort her while all hell broke out around her. Gertie arrived with the ladder, grimacing in pain from her exertion.   High above, George could be heard chiding the kitten for scratching his hand. But all that commotion paled as several armed guards charged across the green lawn towards them, the governor himself on their heels.

Gabriella dared a guarded glance at her handsome employer. A widower since his daughter was born, Governor Grayson employed a small army to care for his home and family while he was often away governing the region.   The grave gleam in his grey eyes as he glowered at her from afar had her knees knocking in fear. She grasped Gracie tightly hoping this wouldn’t be her last hug from the little girl she loved like a daughter.

The guards arrived and setup an ominous circle around the trunk of the giant tree as if they were preparing to grab George from thin air should he fall from the branch above.

Gabriella, hoping to defuse the situation, greeted the powerful man who was nearly upon her. “Welcome home, Governor.   Gracie’s kitten got into trouble, and your brave son decided to rescue it.   Unfortunately, George is now in need of a rescue himself. We were just about to guide them both down to safety. I’m grateful you are here to assist.”

Gregory Grayson glared at the governess until guilt had tears prickling her eyes.   She hated how he could reduce her from a confident, intelligent woman to an unsure young girl with one glance of his smoky grey eyes.   The now familiar flutter in her gut grew as his almost glacial glare conveyed his displeasure at finding his only son in danger on her watch.

“Needless to say, I’m very disappointed with you, Miss Garrington.   I’ll expect you in my study after I see to getting my son out of danger.”

She gulped as her heart thumped hard in her chest at his gruff demand. “Yes, sir.” His eyes flashed with gratification at her submissive response.

Relief gripped Gabriella when he grabbed the wood ladder from Gertie and went to work getting his son down safely.   It took a grand total of five minutes for the good-looking man to complete what would have taken her much longer in her long, satin gown. She held Gracie’s hand as they watched the child’s father take off his suit coat before effortlessly gliding up the ladder to reach his son, and returning them to solid ground.

The governor’s voice was gruff as he addressed his children. “Go to your rooms straight away, both of you. You are both grounded for the rest of the day.” As the kids started to retreat he called after his son, “And George–my strap and I will be around for a visit right after I gather with your governess.”

Gabriella wasn’t sure whose eyes grew bigger at that threat, hers or the young would-be cat rescuer.   At least George was able to escape across the green lawn into the governor’s mansion.   She was forced to wilt under the governor’s glowering gaze.

She snuck a peek through her thick lashes at his good-looking face.   More and more often she found herself daydreaming of her powerful employer with his neatly trimmed, greying goatee. Gabby wished he would gallantly whisk her into his arms and ravage her mouth with glorious kisses.

His voice grounded her. “Fifteen minutes, Miss Garrington. I wouldn’t be late if I were you,” he groused.

Gabby’s voice quavered as she withered before him. “Yes sir, Governor, sir…”

Before she collected herself to try to explain, he had turned towards the mansion and was gliding effortlessly to the front entrance. In the end, it probably didn’t matter since he was surely going to fire her from the first job she’d ever had.


Gregory Grayson paced nervously in his study, in equal measure dreading and anticipating the arrival of one Gabriella Garrington.   Now that his son was safe, his original worry had morphed into an even bigger concern.   Just how was he supposed to discipline the governess when all he really wanted to do was fuck her silly.

For weeks he had been working late, traveling more–anything to avoid confronting his growing attraction to the children’s lovely governess. He told himself he was just lonely and in need of some gratification of an adult nature. But when he was honest with himself he admitted it was her golden locks, gorgeous smile, deep green eyes and good-natured wit that made her the ground for his ungentlemanly thoughts.

Her timid knock on the closed door guided his attention back to the task at hand. “Enter, Miss Garrington.”

‘God help me get through the next few minutes without embarrassing myself.

She glided into the room with a grace most women could never achieve. Since she was ten years his junior, he tried to think of her as a mere girl.   Unfortunately, the mint green gown she changed into highlighted the very grown-up swell of her pert breasts and the glowing heat in her eyes as she gazed at him with a glimmer of emotions were anything but girlish.

They stood stock still letting the silence grow awkward. Gregory knew he should send her away. He would lose control if he proceeded with his original plan to discipline the governess, yet the thought of spanking her bare globes to a rosy pink was too enticing to pass up.

Gabriella broke the spell. “I feel so guilty that George was in danger this afternoon, sir.” Tears spilled down her cheek, gutting him.

He forced himself to maintain his gruff façade. “As you should, Miss Garrington. I believe we agreed in your employment contract that the children’s safety was your primary responsibility. I would say you missed your goal today.”

“I’m sorry, Governor. I promise it was not my intention to put George or Gracie in harms way. I love your children with all my heart,” she gulped with emotion. “I’ll pack my belongings and prepare to go away.”

Until that moment, Gregory thought that was probably best, but seeing her submissive glow blossom under his scrutiny gave him pause.

“Are you trying to goad me? If I wanted you gone I would have simply asked Gertie to assist you in your packing. I believe you care for my children, and they clearly adore you. So, Miss Garrington, I have a different idea of how we will deal with my grievance against you.”

Relief glowed in her green eyes. “That is generous of you, sir.”

“I’d hold your gratitude, Gabriella, until you understand how I plan to deal with today’s gaff.”

The firm knock on the door distracted them from their intense stare. His gentleman’s butler entered, quietly placing a covered silver tray and several long switches on the governor’s desk before turning and exiting without a single word.

Gregory moved behind his large desk, reaching for the thickest of the switches he planned to use to stripe the governess’s bottom.  Propriety called for him to request a chaperone to witness the intimate interaction he planned, but it galled him to be held to ridiculous moral rules he had no tolerance for.

Turning to face the guest to his office he saw genuine fear in her eyes. She gulped for breath, panicking as she realized his plan.

“Come closer and lift your gown to your waist.”   Just uttering his stern order had his groin constricting in his tailored breeches.

“Excuse me, Governor?” Her genuine confusion told him she was an innocent.

“You heard me, Gabriella. Lift your gown above your waist, then step forward to drape your body across my desk. I’m going to deliver a dozen switch strokes to your bare bottom in exchange for allowing you to continue to care for my children.   If you are a good girl and take your punishment all will be forgiven and you can be done with your guilt.”

Her reply was barely a whisper. “And if I refuse to be a good girl?”

He couldn’t help but grin like a cad. “Why don’t you lift the lid to the tray on the desk and discover the gift I’d give you should you choose that path?”

Gabriella tentatively shuffled to the silver tray, lifting the lid to display a thick, fibrous ginger root, already carved into a crude phallic symbol. Her blush started at her milky neck and grew to envelope her gorgeous face.

“But… surely… I mean that is… oh god…”   The more flustered she got, the more Gregory knew he was a goner.   His own heart was beating surely as hard as the governess’s at the thought of his planned intimacy.

“If you’d feel it more appropriate, I can call for Gertie to come and witness your punishment. After all, I don’t want to compromise your good reputation, Miss Garrington.   But let me be clear­–I mean to discipline you so we can move past this entire event and ease you of your guilt. Your only choices are to have a witness to your embarrassing thrashing and to acquiesce with grace to avoid my use of the burning ginger.” He watched her green eyes carefully. “Should I call for Gertie?”

Her eyes glistened as she submitted to him. “No sir.”

“Good girl. Now, come forward and guide yourself across my desk. I’ll take care of your gown.”

He stood grounded, watching her struggling to obey. When she inched forward she glanced at him, her green eyes pleading with him to change his mind. When she stood in front of the desk he nodded, silently goading her into position. With a groan of despair she bent over placing herself across his desk.

Gregory grasped her hands, and extended them above her head to the far side of the desk. “Grab onto the edge of the desk, Gabriella. Don’t let your grip loosen until I tell you we are done.”

“Yes sir, Governor.”

He moved around the desk, enjoying the sight of the young governess laid out before him.   He tentatively grabbed the hem of her gown knowing that the moment he lifted her skirts above her waist their relationship changed forever. This was no mere punishment of a kitchen maid for burnt grub. This would be in intimate affair with a woman he was attracted to at a gut level.  Gregory found it impossible to stop.

His first glimpse of her intimate apparel had his cock growing harder. By the time he had the gown gathered over her back and was reaching for the gape in her drawers, his breathing was almost as constricted as the young governess’.

Baring the milky white globes of her buttocks was like unwrapping a gift.   Her ass was perfectly round, and for the briefest of seconds he considered gliding his fingers through her hidden garden.   He was in no hurry, and he couldn’t resist grazing her ass with his knuckles, helping her relax with a sigh as she laid prone waiting for her punishment.

Gregory grabbed the thickest switch, knowing he couldn’t stall any longer. “As this is your first punishment at my hands I will keep track of the stroke count for you so you can concentrate on why you are getting this beautiful bottom of yours striped. Next time, Gabriella, I’ll expect you to keep count.”

She gasped, “Next time?”

“Oh yes, my dear governess. I believe you are in need of being taken in hand, and lucky for you I will to play that role with glee.”

Gregory swished the long, supple switch through the air, getting the feel of the implement. He took aim and brought the quarter-inch thick tree branch down across the center of her globes. Her gasp confirmed his aim had been true, yet she maintained her prone position perfectly.

He delivered five more strikes using great power, spacing each out by several long seconds until Gabrielle cried out in distress. “Oh god, please stop–I’m so sorry!”

With growing guilt, he delivered the required punishment.   Her growing distress pulled at his heartstrings. He took an intermission to grope the stripes adorning her exposed bottom. When she released her grip on the desk and made to stand, Gregory blanketed his body over her own, pressing them both against the hard top of the desk.

He whispered against her ear, “You’ve been such a good girl so far. We’re halfway done, so don’t make me grab the ginger. I doubt you’d like to add that humiliation to your discipline session, would you Gabriella?”

The feel of her quivering, her smashed body trapped between him and the desk, gave him gratification. “I don’t want the ginger, sir.”

“Good girl.”

The final six strokes reduced his governess to a sobbing mess, emitting gibberish as she somehow maintained her grip of the desk. He couldn’t contain his own growls. The sound of the nature-made punishment device connecting with her naked globes and her vulnerable whimpers bathed the office in a growing sexual tension.

He threw the switch to the floor with gratitude when the thrashing was over. Gregory spent a long minute with his fingers grazing the growing welts painted across her ass. His gut lurched when she turned her tear stained face towards him, her eyes gleaming with the same lust he was sure she saw reflected back at her.

“You can let go of the desk, sweetheart. Your punishment is over and we can get you put back together.”

Each moved in slow motion, Gabriella righting herself, her gown flowing down to hide the body he knew he wanted inside of as soon as possible.   They were mere inches apart yet she refused to look the governor in the eye. Gregory solved that by placing his fingers under her chin, guiding her tear stained face to look at him.

He should have asked, but need gripped him. Incapable of being gentle in his desperation he crashed his mouth down on her trembling lips. Gabriella melted into his arms, grinding her body tight against his. He slid one hand from her waist to her warm buttocks, drawing a gratifying groan from his captive.

Several minutes later, they had to come up for air as their bodies glimmered with sexual need. She broke the silence first, the most beautiful grin on her face.   “Am I forgiven, Governor?”

“Oh yes, you are my good girl. And considering this turn of events, I think it’s time you started to call me, Gregory.”


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