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Happy 2016!  I hope you had a fabulous New Year’s celebration and that things are off to a fabulous start for you so far.   We are in a new release countdown with only three weeks until Protecting it All comes out on January 23rd. For Passion Series fans, you know Jake Davenport is the man we love to hate. If you are like me, I found myself shouting at Hannah not to trust him. But alas, she didn’t listen and early in the story finds herself locked in his home, having been drugged by the devious man attempting to consume her life.


Jake moved behind his desk, sitting in his chair, cradling her too gently in his arms. For a moment it felt nice, as he stroked her long, sandy-blonde hair intimately. She had just about convinced herself she’d been imagining the danger when she noticed the heavy steel rings attached every few inches along the exterior edge of Jake’s desk. They lined the top and bottom edge of the desk. They seemed like a strange choice in decor.

“This is an odd desk.” Her own words sounded distant.

“It’s a special desk. I like to engage in unique activities in my office. This desk is an important part of that.”

“Activities?” Her tongue felt thick, making the single word sound distorted to her ears.

“Let’s call them performance evaluation activities. I am a precise man. I require precise performance from my employees. If they miss the mark, I enjoy correcting employees in order to help improve their performance.”


Protecting it All is book four in the Passion Series. All of the characters you know and love are a major part of the story, but we will also meet Hannah Martine and several of her friends as they become the focus of Jake’s crazy.  Can Lukus and the gang from Titan Securities protect Hannah before it’s too late and will Dylan be able to convince her that not all men prey on women like her would-be employer?  Most important, will Jake get what he deserves for terrorizing women?

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Sneak Peek – Protecting it All #WIPitUp


Hello! I’ve been laying a bit low, working hard to pound out the next book in the Passion Series.  I’ve taken a few weeks off some of my normal blog hops to create some new material to share, and today’s the day.  Protecting it All, book four in the Passion Series is with my publisher and while the following excerpt is subject to change during final editing, I thought it would be fun to start sharing some snippets.

We all know Jake Davenport is evil, but early in book four, we get to see just how dark he can go.  This book is an erotic suspense and will take readers back to the darker feel of book one, Wanting it All.  The following scene is early in the book as Jake sets his sights on his next victim, Hannah.  Never fear, while we do follow a new main couple, Hannah and Dylan, all of your favorite characters play a major role in this book.


Only when he placed the drink on a cocktail napkin in front of her did he lean forward, his elbows on the bar so his face was only inches away. There was just enough light in the room to see the flicker of anger in his icy blue eyes as he finally broke the uneasy silence.

“Now, I think it’s fair to tell you my patience is running thin, Hannah. I feel I’ve been more than patient with you these past few weeks and more importantly, I know that what I’m offering is a dream come true for a girl like you. Part of what attracted me to you in the first place was your mix of sweet innocence and worldly experience. Having said that, this holier-than-thou routine needs to stop right now. I know you’re not the innocent you portray yourself as.”

The edge in his voice was sharp, putting her on defense. “I never said I was an innocent.”

“Not in so many words, but your reluctance to go out with me and take what is a very attractive job offer I’ve given you is getting tedious. Effective immediately, you’re employed by me. Drink your drink and then I’ll show you where you’ll work. We’ll go through the employment contract that lays out your responsibilities, the rules and the consequences for less than stellar performance.”

“Consequences, Jake?”

“Consequences, Sir. When we are in this house or at one of my other business locations that you’ll work out of, you will call me Sir.”

“But… I thought you said… well, what about us dating? Isn’t calling you Sir a bit formal?”

The smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes was back. “Think of it more like a contract and less like dating. We have an arrangement. Arrangements have rules, Hannah. It’s how I maintain order in my life.”

“That doesn’t sound very romantic.”

“I wasn’t aware you were looking for romance. I’d reset your expectations if I were you.”


Keep checking in.  As soon as I have a cover to reveal and a release date, I’ll be sure to share.  Don’t forget to check out these other talented authors before you go!


Sneak Peek: Having it All, Tiffany’s First Punishment

So you’re missing Tiffany and Lukus?  I thought I’d share a glimpse of what they’ve been up to.   As you may have suspected, Tiffany has finally earned herself a not-so-fun spanking.  Come take a peek as Lukus and Tiffany start to fall into their new roles as their relationship deepens.   The following is a short excerpt from the beginning of Having it All, book three in the Passion series.  I’m putting the finishing touches on it before submitting to Blushing Books for edits and a release date.  Enjoy as we join Tiffany struggling to accept her first punishment gracefully.  NOTE: This is unedited from my work in progress.


“I would recommend you watch that sass, at least when we’re discussing what punishment implement I’m going to use.”

“Fair enough. What’s wrong with using your hand?”

“Not for a real punishment.” He’s moving them towards standing and leads her into the larger bathroom. He stops them in front of the long bathroom counter that sports a full wall mirror. Turning them to face the mirror, he steps up behind her to hug her tight against his chest. Tiff loves that they can see each other’s eyes. She can see his are brimming with of a mix of lust and anticipation. She’s reminded this man really does like to punish her and she’s not sure how she feels about that.

‘Well duh. He owns a BDSM club that he named The Punishment Pit.’

Lukus eventually steps away from her, leaving her feeling vulnerable. She tracks him as he opens a nearby drawer and pulls out an assortment of punishment devices, lining them up in front of her. A few surprise her. “These are all pretty light weight in the wide spectrum of things. I think I’ll use each of them tonight so you can see the difference in them.”

“Oh great. Not just one, but three spankings.”

“One spanking. Three implements.”

“Same thing.

“Not quite. Get undressed, baby.”


“Always bare.”

“I’ll take off my skirt then.”

“Let me rephrase. Always naked.”



“I hate when you count.”

“New rule. This is a punishment. There’s no talking back.”

She’s close to opening her mouth with another retort when he lifts two fingers up to calmly shush her. The calm Dom is back and in full control. Their eyes remain locked while the power exchange charges the air between them. Each long second seals her fate. She can deny it all she wants, but she’s loved every single thing this man has done to her so far this week. Tonight that means she’s going to get naked and spanked.

As their eyes hold each other captive, she begins to seductively unbutton her blouse before sliding it off and dropping it to the floor. Her pencil skirt follows. By the time her sexy strip tease has her unfastening her bra, Lukus’ attention has left her eyes and is drinking in his first glimpse of her heavy breasts as she releases them from her lacy black bra. She’s trembling slightly as her black panties follow the rest of her clothes to the pile on the floor. The only thing left are her three inch, high-heeled sandals.

“Leave those on. They’re hot.” It’s his hot-coals smile greeting her in the mirror. Her heart rate jumps accordingly.

“I thought this was about punishment, not sex.”

“Oh baby, the two are weaved together so tight in my twisted brain it’s hard to have one without the other.”

‘Well that explains a few things.’

“Good to know.” Luckily he grins at her sassy response.

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